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  1. Paddypup

    Tall case strike problem.

    Hello. Posting some pictures of a tall case clock movement. It runs and thr strike and won’t shut off. Do any of you notice anything wrong. It’s an old movement, clock was bought at estate sale and only information i have is that it was serviced ten years ago, some bushing work. Seems clean...
  2. Paddypup

    Mauthe symbol.

    Hello. does anyone know when mauthe stopped using this symbol? Or is it still in use., Thanks
  3. Paddypup

    Help with small French clock repair.

    Hello all. Just wondering on the level of difficulty for a repair of the clock pictured. I’m a novice and picked up this clock for very little to practice. The spring/ wire is broken here. Is this a complicated fix. It runs at speed when not restricted then the barrel spring loses tension and...
  4. Paddypup


    Hello. Got this nice junghans. Was thinking it’s late Victorian or early Edwardian. Can you guys pinpoint the date from the movement? Also one of the hammers seems to be missing a piece of brass, or did the previous owner just put a screw in there as replacement? Thanks.
  5. Paddypup

    Open escapement identification.

    Hello all. Anyone recognize this clock maker and the era of production? No history on it. Got it at an estate sale. Thanks.
  6. Paddypup

    E. N. Welch.

    Hi Guys, anyone have a guess on the age of this EN WELCH clock? Thanks
  7. Paddypup

    Mainspring help

    Hello. Can a mainspring be lubricated in a barrel without disassembly first? I saw in other threads that open spring although not ideal can be done. Thanks in advance.
  8. Paddypup

    Old alarm clock identification.

    This is another clock I have no idea of the maker. No makers mark on the movement. Case is metal and mother of pearl inlay. Seems like a low quality piece. I had it apart and back of movement had nothing. Couldn’t Manage to get a look at the front.
  9. Paddypup

    Terry and andrews.

    Got this terry and andrews clock today. Just posting some pics for anyone interested in this company. It runs but the case is in bad shape. Seems like the etching is gone from the glass and top one is cracked. It’s original I think. 1840s i estimate.
  10. Paddypup

    Jas. Fowlds

    Hello. Found a grandfather clock in antique store with makers Mark on clock face marked jas fowlds. Has anyone heard of this Maker? Think it may be Scottish. Have not bought it but may be interested. Thanks
  11. Paddypup

    Help identify wall clock.

    Hello. Brand new member but reading these threads for a year now and found some interesting information. have any of you guys seen this on a wall clock before? Trying to identify it. the movement only Has a 14 stamped on it and no makers mark. Think it’s a cheap knock off possibly. Thanks in...

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