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  1. mldenison

    Bulova Computron 97C110 (1970's Reissue)

    Hi Folks, I removed the battery on my new Bulova Computron to see what battery it used. Unfortunately, the thin O-ring fell out and I don't know its placement in the battery compartment. Can anybody help who might have one of these? Thanks Mort Denison
  2. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    Folks, I just purchased this Sandoz watch. I'm unsure of the jewel count but it's in an 18K case. It supposed to be running well but it'll be a couple of weeks before I receive it. Can anyone PM me some folks that can do a COA on it? I know it'll need a new crystal as there's a chip out of...
  3. mldenison

    Illinois Burlington Special Minute Wheel Plate Needed

    My watch repairer is finally able to correct a bunch of problems with an Illinois Burlington Special 16s pocket watch that was converted from a hunter to a wrist watch. The only thing he doesn't have is the missing minute wheel plate. Attached is a picture showing the plate (red arrow...
  4. mldenison

    movement part Wanted: Waltham 16s Model 88 Louis XIV Second Hands

    Folks, I need two Louis XIV second hands for two Waltham 16s Model 88 pocket watches. Thanks, Mort
  5. mldenison

    London Crown & Verge Circa 1815 Pair Cased Fusee

    I just purchased this fusee watch, circa 1815. It'll need serviced as the seller says it's fully wound but doesn't run. The maker is a London maker Strong. I'll post better pictures of it when I get it here. Any thoughts on the maker? A Google search turned up nothing on him.
  6. mldenison

    Clock Open Sessions Refurbished Kitchen Clock Movement

    I'm in need of a refurbished Sessions kitchen clock movement. Let me know if you have one you'd part with. Thanks
  7. mldenison

    Ansonia Diana Swinging Clock

    I've recently got an Ansonia Diana clock and am in the process of restoring it. Unfortunately, her bow is missing. I've contacted a guy who can cast stuff like this. I have a bow from my replica Diana clock that he's going to use. It's probably close to the original but I've never seen an...
  8. mldenison

    Replica Ansonia Swinger Disaster

    On Christmas Eve, I wound my Replica Ansonia Swinging clock. I didn't get the clock all the way back on the statue's post. Needless to say, a couple of hours later, the clock fell off the statue and landed on the carpet. Followed by a rather large racket. Hitting the carpet caused the end of...
  9. mldenison

    New to Me Lancaster PW

    Hi Folks, I just got a nice Lancaster lever set, stem wind 18S hunter cased pocket watch. The Guide to Watches doesn't shed much light on it. The serial number is 187742. The only other engraving on the plate is 'Patent Pending' and 'Lancaster, PA'. So I'm at a loss on the model name, if any...
  10. mldenison

    Lancaster Watch Company Watches

    I believe the Lancaster Watch Company was in business a short time, changed hands several times and became the Hamilton Watch Company. I like their late 1890's logo (pictured below). Father Time is astride a Lancaster watch and appears to be a 1269 movement. Does anyone know if there was a...
  11. mldenison

    German Older Hermle Hour Hand

    Some years ago, CA 1978, I brought home a Hermle wall clock from Iran. Eventually, the late 30's or early 40's Hermle movement wore out and an attempt was made to have it rebuilt. The cost was much more than a new movement. The Hermle movement did not have a model number on it, but I...
  12. mldenison

    Wall clock hanging hook

    A while back I bought a cuckoo clock which was delivered from Germany. It came with an 'L' hook, I believe they're called. It's about 3" long and 1/4" in diameter with a pointed thread around 2" long for wood.. The short part of the 'L' is around 1" long and is flattened. It's ideal for...
  13. mldenison

    Waltham Broadway Keywind Hunter - Unusual Case

    I bought this Waltham Broadway, Model 1877, 7j key wind hunter some months ago. I purchased the watch on eBay. At the time, I didn't know if the dollar coins were genuine. The original dial had a number of hairlines but the watch appeared to be in decent shape. When I received it, there was a...
  14. mldenison

    Illinois A. Lincoln Pocket Watch

    I've got a nice 16s 21j A. Lincoln pocket watch coming. Does anyone know why Illinois brought out the Lincoln watch? It's obvious that Lincoln never carried an Illinois watch. I think his was a European gift. Just marketing?
  15. mldenison

    Need bare Bulova case and crystal

    I just got a 1941 Bulova Medical watch (for doctors or nurses) where one of the lugs is partially broken off and the rest is about to go. It's a yellow gold filled case. I'd like to find the case with a good crystal. Thanks
  16. mldenison

    Lancaster Watch Company Logo

    A month or so ago, I bought a t-shirt from the NAWCC store. It pictured a skeleton holding a scythe and sitting on a watch movement. The description said that it was the logo of the Lancaster Watch Company. The logo is a bit macabre but my wife finds it really neat, as do I. It looks like...
  17. mldenison

    Need Fahys Montauk 16s 10k Open Face Case or Back

    I have a Bunn Special 60 hour watch that I'd like to fit with a display back. I need a back (or whole case) to get made into a display back. I want to leave the original back intact. Can anyone help?
  18. mldenison

    Columbus Railway King 18s Hunter Stem Needed

    I have a Columbus Railroad King pocket watch. My watch repair guy did a COA on the watch. We found that pressing the crown does not release the catch for the front cover - it's a hunter case - and he doesn't have a stem that would work in it. He said it's rounded off and should be square...
  19. mldenison

    Waltham 1892 in a Champion Case

    Folks, I have a nice running Waltham ca 1899 in a Champion GF case. I've found no information on the Champion case - history, etc. Does anyone know about this company or have links to any info? Thanks
  20. mldenison

    American PW Columbus Railway King 18s 16j Hunter Case Problem

    I have an 1894 Columbus Railway King 18s 16j in a Dueber hunter case. I may not have the terminology right, but I'm guessing that pressing the stem should unlatch the front cover. There is no vertical play in the stem in either direction. It sits right atop the case so I cannot unlatch the...

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