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  1. kinsler33

    Conservation of antique paper

    This Smithsonian Magazine piece seemed relevant to some of the non-brass repair work we do. Note that there is a small amount of political content in the text. There is some sort of unspecified 'treatment" involved, but overall I found this fascinating...
  2. kinsler33

    Escape wheel tooth straightener?

    I've read Mr LaBounty's instructions on escape wheel repair, and I've had some success restoring these. But this spring my hand tremor worsened, and I don't think I'll be quite able to use hand techniques for this operation. Is it worth pursuing a Webster escape wheel straightening tool? I...
  3. kinsler33

    Horolovar and thousands of suspension springs

    Horolovar is still viable, run mostly by John Gordon and Lori Nimon. Natalie keeps in contact with John. The other day John told us that Horolovar had just received an order for 400 12-packs of 0.005" springs. Nobody orders this many springs of a single size, and the customer is in Honduras...
  4. kinsler33

    E.N. Welch escapement adjustment ("French turntable?")

    This looked like a straightforward job, but surprise: I can't figure out how to adjust the pallet depth on this EN Welch railroad wall regulator (with two mainsprings, time only.) Other posts lead me to believe that the pallet pivot holes (I bushed them) are drilled through something called a...
  5. kinsler33

    The Fibonacci Spiral Clock

    A friend sent me this photograph. I don't know anything more about this sort of clock, but it certainly makes a great deal of sense. Has anyone encountered such a device? Mark Kinsler
  6. kinsler33

    Strike train halts mysteriously.

    Behold an odd chime tambour with balance wheel movement and Chinese-style spring barrels, nominally manufactured by JM Rosenfelder & Co, West Germany. I'd worked on this thing previously years ago but don't recall what I did. Owner brought it in because the key was lost. I found a key and...
  7. kinsler33

    A treasury of clock photographs

    https://www.pinterest.com/creamcheesefla/hideous-clocks-they-are-lovely-they-are-beautiful/ I've worked on one or two of the sunburst variety shown here, but I kind of like them all. Mark Kinsler
  8. kinsler33

    post post-editing procedure question

    Like most of you I get e-mail notifications when a post has been added to an interesting thread. The notification contains most or all of the new post, and I got one of those this morning. Now, the text contained in the notification had a small but significant error: Slowly move the...
  9. kinsler33

    Horolovar is for sale

    This may be an improper post. I've already posted it on the torsion clock forum, but it would seem logical to post it in clock repair. So: Chris Nimon's kids have been operating Horolovar since his death last year. If you called the firm you would have talked with Lori, his daughter. Her...
  10. kinsler33

    Horovolar is for sale.

    Chris Nimon's kids have been operating Horolovar since his death last year. If you called the firm you would have talked with Lori, his daughter. Her brother is David, and at present they're employing John Gordon, who worked with Chris from the beginning, knows every part of every clock, and...
  11. kinsler33

    not-quite spring steel wire 20 ga

    The 'hobby wire' available at hardware stores is soft. Spring steel wire or piano wire is very hard and springy and not so easy to work with. What I'd like is some of the stuff they use for bellows lift wires in cuckoo clocks: it's quite stiff for its diameter, but you can bend an eye into the...
  12. kinsler33

    escape wheel vs beat adjustment

    I haven't any idea why I haven't learned this, but: old clocks with recoil escapements have a tendency to go in and out of beat as the escape wheel rotates. My assumption has been that this is due to either a bent or out-of-round escape wheel, but I can't seem to find a good discussion on the...
  13. kinsler33

    Suspension unit for Haller Standard 73

    The Horolovar suspension unit supplied for the Haller Standard 73 anniversary clock has exceedingly thin upper and lower blocks--around 0.005" . There's essentially no place for screws with such an arrangement, so the blocks were apparently cemented or soldered (I'll ask which.) The Horolovar...
  14. kinsler33

    The future, perhaps: Chinese grandfather clocks

    The following URL should summon up an advertisement from Ali Express, the retail branch of Ali Baba, which is essentially the Amazon of China. (Only they're far easier to deal with than Amazon.)...
  15. kinsler33

    Mysterious feature on an old German movement

    This is a very nice time/strike German no-name clock movement that had a broken click spring. It seems conventional enough except that I cannot figure out what the hourglass-shaped cam in the center of the rear plate is supposed to do. It engages the silvery minute hand shaft, and when it's...
  16. kinsler33

    Riveting semi-hollow rivets neatly

    This is actually for a non-horological project, but I wonder if anyone knows how to neatly and professionally peen over semi-hollow or hollow rivets so they aren't splayed out like in a home leatherworking kit. Semi-hollow rivets have a hole that doesn't go through the head. YouTube shows...
  17. kinsler33

    Annealing inner coils of a stubborn mainspring

    I had a tough clock from a difficult customer, and it came back with the mainspring once again unhooked from the winding arbor. Someone had fooled with it endlessly in past years and the owner was in a tearing hurry. The inner coils simply wouldn't wrap around the winding arbor reliably, and...
  18. kinsler33

    Horolovar (duplicate post)

    We've just received that Chris Nimon has died. No further details are available at this time. Mark Kinsler
  19. kinsler33


    We've just gotten work that Chris Nimon has died. No further details are available. Mark Kinsler
  20. kinsler33

    Ingraham/Gilbert/Sessions hand nut quest

    So I wrote to info@timesavers.com to ask about these miserable hand nuts--that is, if anyone amongst their corps of skilled Indian machinists might be able to manufacture hand nuts like this, for which we would pay in gold. Barry Hendricks (barry@timesavers.com) there answered me as follows...

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