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    Gustav Becker Chime count stepper wheel needed

    I am repairing a Gustav P27 Triple chime movement. Someones previous attempt to get the chimes to work was a fail as they filed the hour strike stepper wheel down thinking this is why the pin never quite fell into the step. All that was wrong appears the timing gear was one tooth off in time...
  2. K

    Pendulum Set Screw Source needed

    I am in need of Pendulum set screws. I have two clocks each missing one decorative brass set screw. Each has a different thread size, so I imagine I will have to find them in pairs to match as well. Does anyone know where I could find and order these? Thank you, Kent
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    Vienna Clock parts needed

    I am restoring a German clock that somebody gutted the chime side out of the movement. Would anybody have a like movement for parts where I can bring one back to life with? I have attached several photo's to identify it. Any confirmation on the make would be helpful too, as I cannot see...

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