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  1. Smudgy

    K&D Inverto Deluxe--need picture of complete set

    Click here for everything K&D staking
  2. Smudgy

    Bulova Ultrasonic Watchmaster Issue

    You can find generic knobs at places like McMaster-Carr. They should work but may look a little different if the manufacturer used a proprietary design.
  3. Smudgy

    Bergeon pivot drilling tool?

    That's not for drilling pivots, but for polishing pivots on a WW lathe. The different sized pivots fit in the grooves and then are burnished with a burnisher to polish them. It can be used on any lathe that has a headstock of the same height as the centerline of the top groove when mounted on a...
  4. Smudgy

    Idea for closing trundle holes in

    Your right about it being primarily a watchmakers tool, and it's indispensable for the watchmaker. There are clock maker staking sets, but they are larger and have a bare anvil as opposed to the type that holds the stake upright. I'm not sure if the clock makers stakes have stumps or not. I do...
  5. Smudgy

    Idea for closing trundle holes in

    They could be for such a purpose, but would be rarely used because watchmakers generally don't close holes in that fashion. Closing holes is usually done with a round faced punch centered on the hole (and even that is discouraged). There is often also a triangular tipped closing punch included...
  6. Smudgy

    Lathe collets

    You're right, I confused myself. Sorry to clutter the thread.
  7. Smudgy

    Lathe collets

    Peerless on left, Levin on right. The lengths can be accommodated with a spacer or drawbar, but the taper can't. For most collets the differences can be compensated for with a different drawbar. The most common difference between the collets you run into is the non-standardized threads, but they...
  8. Smudgy

    Lathe collets

    It would be best to avoid Peerless collets unless you have a Peerless lathe. Peerless used a curved taper on the end of the collet while everyone else used a straight conical taper. If I recall correctly Peerless made three different collets ,only one of which had the straight taper. The...
  9. Smudgy

    Junghans Tool used for what?

    It looks a lot like a ratchet with the ratcheting pawl missing. It is probably a winder.
  10. Smudgy

    Staking sets are they all the same?

    I mostly do watch work, so don't often look at the clock tools, but I have seen them. They show up at auction now and then and I think TimeSavers lists them in their catalogue. They are larger than watch stakes and don't have the stake holder, though they to have an anvil. The old ones tend to...
  11. Smudgy

    Used staking set needs a polish

    I think https://kanddinverto.weebly.com/ has the information you are looking for, but I don't remember where (it's been a while since I've been there). https://kanddinverto.weebly.com/
  12. Smudgy

    Trivia Question - what type of metal is in the core of these rods that keep breaking?

    Re: Trivia Question - what type of metal is in the core of these rods that keep break You may want to look into buying a long screw and cutting the head off if you don't want to thread the rod yourself. Screws and bolts are sold by grade, the loading they are expected to hold determining which...
  13. Smudgy

    Rounding up tool?

    It could be a rounding up tool. Could you post some pictures that show the workings better?
  14. Smudgy

    Boley No. 2 lathe

    Here's a link for further information. I think you are looking for the 2a model? If that is the case it uses the standard 8mm ww collets.
  15. Smudgy

    What are these things- help appreciated

    Your guesses are right for most parts. The first items are adapters so that collets can be used as pin vises. on the lower items, #4 is a mandrel for mounting a wheel. I have never seen #5 before, so I can't tell you what it is. The rest are as you've surmised.
  16. Smudgy

    Watchmaster WT with detached spindle (spin cup)

    I'm not acquainted with the machine you are working on, but as a general thing you should be able to bore the hole out a bit and fit a bushing into the hole. You can make it a tight enough fit that it wouldn't need brazed or soldered unless it is experiencing some fantastic forces. If you do...
  17. Smudgy

    Test stand or whatever it's called

    I haven't really been to the clock boards for a few years (after some medical issues I needed to create time and internet was the easiest place to go). I know there are more threads discussing test stands. There are a lot of different types because whatever someone comes up with, there are...
  18. Smudgy

    Unmarked Tool

    It's a movement holder
  19. Smudgy

    Roller Removers

    From what I understand the Bradux works well for the rollers it works on, but there are many that don't have the clearance needed for the tool.
  20. Smudgy

    Roller Removers

    I use the Rex style. It works with the staking set.

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