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  1. carloclock

    unknown tools

    Hi All! Has someone a clue on the use of this tools? One has a B8 collet and the other one a W12 collet. Warmest Regards. Carlo
  2. carloclock

    Raingo orrery replica

    Hi All, I have just finished to build my last project: a replica of the Raingo orrery and I named it Raingo-Croce ( my family name) for my replica is quite different from the original. Usualy in Ringo orreries ( some of them were built by other famous French clockmakers) a French movement...
  3. carloclock


    Hello All. As someone a clue on how are made the missing parts of this mouvement in the place shown by the 2 arrows? The clock should be similar to this one : but I haven't found any picture of the back of the mouvement. Thank you a lot for your consideration. All the best. Carlo
  4. carloclock

    Old wine in new bottle...fitted with Robin remontoir

    Hi All. The aim of this project was just to show to some fellows of mine how to build a clock with items recycled by an old clock. This was the starting point : a French movement in very bad condition Dismantled the clock and having all the parts in my hand I realized that with two barrels...
  5. carloclock

    Hubert Sarton

    Hallo All. I'm looking for some information on the clock "Pendule de Compagnie" built by Hubert Sarton and which has a dial pivoted on an axle and turns to and fro by 180°. I found some information ad pictures on excellent books by Royer-Collard's "Skeleton Clocks" and Derek Roberts...
  6. carloclock

    French Clock count wheel with pins

    It is the first time that it happens to me to see a count wheel of a French movement fitted with very small pins. To be sincere I didn't see these pins when I dismantled the movement and later I discovered that likely I bent a couple of them. The arrows show just 3 of them ( which...
  7. carloclock

    Robin remontoir

    I'm trying to build a skeleton clock fitted with Robin remontoir. An account of my first efforts can be read here http://www.pendoleria.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2459 (sorry, just Italian language, by the way you might enjoy pictures :smile:) My next task is to build the real part of the...
  8. carloclock

    pivoted detent escapement

    Hallo All, one of the latest clock I built: a skeleton clock fitted with a rarely seen pivoted detent escapement. In the movie the clock is shown not yet finished in its very first tikkings ... Hope you enjoy watching it. http://youtu.be/mrQzwL2RkNM All the best from Beautiful Liguria Carlo
  9. carloclock

    wheels spokes

    hallo All, above, the statement tok-tokkie made in the excellent thread "build a pendulum clock" by teslak ( Dieter). Rowlings in his unique " the science of clocks and watches", somewhere states : this question....is typical of many horological problems. After centuries of experience there is...
  10. carloclock

    ST marine strike

    Hi All,I have in a beautiful ST fitted with marine strike sequence on one hammer.When striking, the bent lever shown in the picture doesn't , interfere with nothing and in addition the stike doesn't work properly. I wonder if that lever was bent by someone. Should my reasoning be correct, has...
  11. carloclock

    strange depthing tools

    Is there someone who has a clue on the use of this couple of depthing tools. and this one A friend of mine purchased them in a flea market in Switzerland. Likely the first one should be used to even up the diameter of a wheel whose teeth creep along the Arkansas stone fixed on...

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