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    Engle Watch

    One of my interests is mining history, so I am attracted by private label watches having associations with mining regions. Recently, I collected a Hamilton Grade 972 open face pendant set watch, serial number 74588, marked for Calvin P Engle, Hazleton PA, on the dial and on the case. That...
  2. J

    Coventry Lever Co Ltd

    Is anyone able to direct me towards a source of historical information about the Coventry Lever Co Ltd, please?
  3. J

    James B Hayden

    There is a separate thread on Aurora Private label watches at: Aurora Private Label Watches. Posts 44 and 130 in that thread show Aurora watches marked for James B Hayden, Topeka KS and post 87 in that thread provides a link to biographical information on Mr Hayden. Not wanting to go off topic...
  4. J

    NSWGR Waltham Watches

    The Australian State of New South Wales (so named because of its immense reserves of high quality coal) covers a land area about 16% larger than Texas. Its government-run railway system reached more than 6,000 route miles, at its peak, or about 50% of the size of the Pennsylvania Railroad...
  5. J

    Elgin Clock Tower

    As best I can determine, the magnificent clock tower of the factory buildings of the Elgin National Watch Company, located at Elgin IL, was spectacularly demolished, using dynamite, on 03 October 1966, exactly 50 years ago, today.
  6. J

    Ball-Ham 18s 42270 ORT

    I was fascinated to note the recent sale of an 18s ORT Ball watch. It was eBay item number 381688872050. Bidding has ended. The serial number of the watch is 42270. This is the only ORT watch (16s or 18s) of which I have specific knowledge. There are plenty of Ball ads for ORT watches, but no...
  7. J

    Buy a Bunn Special

    These images of a wonderful little Illinois Watch Company publication might help someone to decide which watch to buy.
  8. J

    Ball 18s Modern Style Dial

    Recently I found the illustrated Ball dial and I expected it to be yet another variant of the 16s Waltham ORRS dial. When I was able to closely examine the dial I found, to my surprise, that it actually fits 18s Hamilton movements, so it is an 18s Ball-Hamilton dial. My question is: has anyone...
  9. J

    Illinois Stuart Information

    Having done some searching, here and elsewhere, it seems to me that there is surprisingly little collected information that is readily available about Illinois Stuart watches. I have referred to my copy of the blue book on Illinois by Meggers and Ehrhardt, Watch Encyclopedia, Volume 2, but I was...
  10. J

    Elgin Technical Advantage

    An Elgin RR Time Book from before 1920 contains the pages in the image. Two technical advantages of Elgin RR watches are detailed. I am reminded of the enlarged balance wheels of Ball-Walthan watches and, of course, the lengthened main springs of Illinois and Hamilton RR watches. What do...
  11. J

    Santa Fe Time Service

    The pictured Time Service watch certificate caught my interest. One reason was that it shows that Santa Fe accepted three position watch timing into the 1920s.
  12. J

    Ball-Waltham ORRS First Run Research

    Waltham produced the movements of the first Ball Official RR Service watches sold in 16 size. These movements are included in the Waltham serial number listing (Gray Book) as 9060701 – 1100 having 23 jewels and being lever set. Ball numbered these 400 watches B060701 – 1100. Contrary to the...
  13. J

    Ball 16s Dial - Rare

    Attached is an image from page 20 of the 1903 Ball catalogue illustrating a 16s Ball-Waltham dial. Note that the dial has wavy (sometimes termed Breguet) numerals and that it is marked Ball & Co. Has anyone ever seen a dial just like this, please?
  14. J

    Ball Model Marked 16s Cases

    Ball Model Marked 16s Cases The subject of the advent of Ball Model marked cases is very interesting. For 18s I have no comment to make, so what follows applies strictly to 16s Ball-Waltham, only. It has been suggested by knowledgeable collectors that all 16s Ball ORRS movements, but for the...

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