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  1. RustyGongRods

    Windsor Chimes only some of the notes

    I've had a mechanical Windsor chime clock for a few years that ran fine when I got it - chimes and all - then I let the chime springs run out (was bothering some people in the household) and just let the thing keep time. I am attempting to bring the chimes back into action, wound them, and now...
  2. RustyGongRods

    Chime Rod Lever

    Picked up a nice mantel clock, from what I've read, fitted with a fairly common 340-020 movement. Looking at this, it appears there's a black lever that can be moved down across the chime rods. Can this be used to silence the chimes or is it more to help keep things from moving around when...
  3. RustyGongRods

    Remove glue or tape residue from wood case

    I stumbled upon a really nice West Germany made Haig mantle clock, the movement is pristine, recently serviced, but one of the things I want to address is some kind of residue, possibly tape, maybe glue, on the wood case. I really don't want to sand this! Any suggestions on removing something...
  4. RustyGongRods

    What part is this?! Big Ben 1a movement...

    I was taking a big ben 1a apart and this star shaped part popped out from somewhere and I've not a clue to where it goes. Google wasn't helpful. Look familiar to any of you big ben pro's out there?
  5. RustyGongRods

    Sessions Silent Chime Pendulum

    So I have this Sessions mantle clock that I'm trying to bring back to life. I've noticed when fully wound on the time spring, I'll give the pendulum a little swing to get it going and it ticks for about 30 seconds and slowly stops. If I take the weight off, it ticks double-time nonstop, put the...
  6. RustyGongRods

    Big Ben hairspring question

    Quick question, I’ve got a Big Ben style 1a that runs but not very consistently. I was looking at the hairspring and it’s not exactly perpendicular to the balance wheel. Is this cause for concern?
  7. RustyGongRods

    Big Ben Escapement adjustment?

    Hi all, still learning, working on a Big Ben style 1a and it's not ticking. Complete loss of power. Poking around the forums here, I found that someone had an issue with their escapement causing power loss so I am looking there (this is after disassembly, clean, oil). Forgive my nomenclature if...
  8. RustyGongRods

    Help Big Ben Style 5 Rebuild

    I'm taking the deep dive and disassembling a big ben style 2 clock and in my web search, came across this fantastic video how-to series on a complete big ben style 5a rebuild (movements are very, if not, exactly the same. To my amateur eyes, this was a revelation to say the least. Westclox Big...

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