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  1. Illinois Bunn Special

    Illinois Bunn Special

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  2. Columbus Railway King

    Columbus Railway King

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  3. Waltham 1892

    Waltham 1892

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  4. Bulova


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  5. mldenison

    Are you finished collecting?

    My wife says I am...
  6. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    Thanks, guys. That gives me some hope that I won't have to try and locate unobtanium parts. Unfortunately, at my age (77), my eyesight is pretty crappy and my hands have slight tremors which preclude me from attempting something this delicate. I'd like to go back 20 years.
  7. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    The watch has been with a recommended chronograph/repeater repairman for about a month. I heard back from him today. It turns out that is a 5 minute repeater instead of the minute repeater as advertised in the auction. He's got the repeater function running well as well as the chronograph...
  8. mldenison

    Bulova Computron 97C110 (1970's Reissue)

    Hi Folks, I removed the battery on my new Bulova Computron to see what battery it used. Unfortunately, the thin O-ring fell out and I don't know its placement in the battery compartment. Can anybody help who might have one of these? Thanks Mort Denison
  9. mldenison

    Searching for a recommendation for a good, reliable watch repairmen

    From my experience, he'll let you know what he finds and the price of repairs. If you don't like his price, he'll ship the watch back to you. I've had a couple of different 'repairmen' do COA's on a few watches. Some of them came back pretty boogered up. One of my watches - a Burlington...
  10. mldenison

    Searching for a recommendation for a good, reliable watch repairmen

    The best I've found is Eric at https://americantimekeeper.com. He's not cheap but will COA a watch back to near new running order.
  11. mldenison

    Remembering a Proud Deceased Veteran I have Known this Memorial Day

    Amazing documentary and words for a courageous soldier. As a US veteran, I salute his service.
  12. mldenison

    The talented Peter Iles: Custom Watch Case

    That's also a nice job. You have great skills!
  13. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    You do great work! I am in awe of anyone who can understand, and disassemble/reassemble something as complicated as these watches. Let alone manufacture parts for them. And marvel at the person(s) who designed and built them in the first place.
  14. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    That's a shame about your watch. Earlier this year, I got a Burlington Special pocket watch movement that was recased in a nice wristwatch case. The seller said it was running nicely - not. I sent it to my repairman and it came back running worse. I sent it to my other repairman. It came...
  15. mldenison

    18K Henry Sandoz 1/4 Chronograph/Repeater Pocket Watch

    Folks, I just purchased this Sandoz watch. I'm unsure of the jewel count but it's in an 18K case. It supposed to be running well but it'll be a couple of weeks before I receive it. Can anyone PM me some folks that can do a COA on it? I know it'll need a new crystal as there's a chip out of...
  16. mldenison

    Seth Thomas Sonora Chimes

    Sorry, mine was made by S/T with an S/T movement.
  17. mldenison

    Small Urgos Desk/Mantel Clock

    I was just looking for some general information such as why they aren't available here and who might have sold the kits. It's a moot point now that I have one I picked up several years ago. It's the only one I've ever come across.
  18. mldenison

    Small Urgos Desk/Mantel Clock

    It looks pretty close! I now have two of them. One is oak and the other is cherry - both identical with beveled glass all around. I eventually found a movement on eBay several years ago. The movement has two small bells on the back and has a pretty sound. I believe they were an import kit...
  19. mldenison

    Help Notice Want to Buy Forum

    :p:D:p I posted the need in a watch forum just after my question here. Got the Burlington part about 15 minutes later. My coffee didn't even get cold! BTW, the new forum is great!

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