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  1. EliTom

    so is this a Kern and Link or a Kern ans Sohne

    This was the first 400 day clock I ever bought back in about 2007 and it has run but now stops very quickly I guess it's not worth a great deal but I may well strip it and clean it and see how it goes More interested in its history The bible would indicate backplate number 1667 Kern and Link...
  2. EliTom

    Mainspring bulge / failure

    Hmmmm !!! after feeling positive about my first 400 day clock rebuild - see my earlier post - I was reading some other posts and saw a mention of mainspring failure indicated by a bulge in the mainspring barrel Now I have had the mainspring out and cleaned it and oiled it and re-assembled it -...
  3. EliTom

    Tips for re-assembly of 400 day clock - early Hauck in this case

    Hi and Happy Easter to all :) So today I bit the bullet and attempted my first 400 day clock repair. The clock is back plate number 1607 from the Terwilliger bible. I have stripped the clock right down and started cleaning the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner So far I have striped the...
  4. EliTom

    Help to identify an Observe(r) ships clock -

    Hi all Been so long since I have been on this forum - just so busy with work :sour: Anyway I have just aquired a nice little ships clock as a retirement present for a colleague and I would like to know if any one on here could shed some light on the maker. The face has the name Observe or...
  5. EliTom

    Two Haller Westminsters movements - same but different ticks ! ??

    OK I am still very new at this clocky game so please bear with me, but I am eager to learn I have two 1930's Westminster Art Deco style mantle clocks - one mine and one a friends. Mine runs absolutely fine - no problems at all. My friends is strange.:o Both are Haller / Keinzle 12cm 190,66...
  6. EliTom

    Thomas Ernst Haller Wall Clock - What age ?

    Further to my post here https://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?t=47181&highlight=ernst about my Thomas Ernst Haller wall clock which I originally thought was a Junghans, I have some questions, regarding its age, for the more knowledgable members of this forum. I have found a...
  7. EliTom

    Thought this was a Junghans Miniture R&A but not sure what ir is now?

    Hi just picked this clock up, and when I bid on it on the bay I thought it was a Junghans small vienna but the marking on the movement are not Junghans - so what are they photos here - any ideas folks Definitely needs a good clean and the case wood needs a good clean-up, but it...
  8. EliTom

    OK - a really stupid newbie question

    OK guys - I know I'm going to kick myself when I do get an answer, but I am reading these NAWCC boards with my Sessions Belfast and a 1930 Kienzle Westminster movements on my desk and every time they chime what I can only describe as paddles or flaps whiz around on spindles in the upper part of...
  9. EliTom

    Is the Haller Westminster mantel clock 1930s or 1950?

    HI another quick qusetion to the knowledgable here Another UK eBay purchase for some thing to play with - i.e strip down and try and rebuild:) Only problem is that it runs so well and sounds so ggod that I don'yt want to take it apart :confused: Anyway just want to know is it from the 30s or...
  10. EliTom

    Help to identify this Sessions Mantel Clock please

    Hi all I am new to this board - been on the 400 days board for a little while now. Anyway picked up this Sessions Oak Shaker Style Sessions Clock off eBay here in the UK, but I am struggling to identify which Sessions model it is and it's approximate age. As you can see the dial says its a...
  11. EliTom

    Anyone help with identifying this watch?

    Hi there and greetings from the UK I am a member of these forums mainly for my interest in 400 day clocks. However I was given a silver European pocket watch some years ago, by my Father, as a family heirloom if you like. It was my Grandfather’s watch, so I am told, and I would like...
  12. EliTom

    A few really basic newbie questiosn if I may

    Ok so I am quite new to this game, but as an engineer I am sussing alot out as I go. So far I have got my Kern & Link running just fine. The Kaiser universe is running but the minute hand is still not as tight as I would like.:confused: I have now got a cheapo Kundo Minuture running, just...
  13. EliTom

    Is my Kaiser Universe sick and in need of traetment?

    Sorry for all the questions guys, but I guess this 400 day clock lark is a steep learning curve. Last week I aquired a Kaiser Universe wide plate - plate number 1311. I set it up level and eventually got iot running and have left if for the last five days and it is ruinning a bit slow - maybe...
  14. EliTom

    Schatz Miniture 53 running problem - advice please

    Ok guys I managed to get me Kern & Link running with a new suspension spring - although it is running slow, but that's for another post. With this success behind me I went on to check out my Schatz 53 which was running over an hour er day fast. Firstly teh suspension spring was kinked so I...
  15. EliTom

    Please help indentify this 400 day clock

    Hi I'm new here so please excuse me if this is not an appropriate place to post this question. I have recently started clollecing old clocks and so far have a very nice Atmos 526 and a Kaiser Universe. However have have now aquired another clock that just needs a new suspension wire. I have...

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