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  1. Harry Hopkins

    Model 49 with special features

    I have used the following tool and procedure a few times with very good results for drilling a hole in a glass dome. http://www.harrysclockshop.com/drilling-hole-in-glass-dome.html
  2. Harry Hopkins

    Junghans 1912 (B12) Arch Type Chiming Movement

    Thanks Al and Sbug for confirming my suspicions. If I have seen a chiming clock that did not have auto correct I have forgotten about it. I have the movement apart now and starting on an overhaul.
  3. Harry Hopkins

    Junghans 1912 (B12) Arch Type Chiming Movement

    First a quick shout out to Bangster for his excellent article I found on a very similar movement to this one. I was recently sent this movement for repair and while checking everything before disassembly I cannot figure out how the chime correction works. This movement is not the Junghans...
  4. Harry Hopkins

    Make your own finials

    Excellent job Eric! Lots of patience involved especially in making the form tools. I made a finial a few years ago but I did it freehand with a graver... Mine looks pretty good from across the room whereas yours looks good with a close-up.
  5. Harry Hopkins

    Help The self winding clock movement model F

    Here are some resources I found while working on my Self Winding Clock which were very helpful: Self Winding Clock Co. Ken's Clock Clinic - Self Winding Clock Restoration & Products Self Winding Clock Company of New York - Due Time Clock Blog Self Winding Electro-Mechanical Clock ca 1900 'self...
  6. Harry Hopkins

    Refurbishing to mechanical

    Hello Leo and welcome, I agree with the others that the battery movement is most probably original to that case. Is it possible that the suspension spring that was taped to it was a spare for the battery movement? I cannot tell from your pictures how the pendulum hangs from the movement but most...
  7. Harry Hopkins

    Main spring problem

    There is lots of good advice above.. as you can see there are many things that can cause your clock to stop before 400 days. I think one of the most overlooked reasons a well maintained torsion clock will not run as long as intended is setting the fork height too high for maximum rotation...
  8. Harry Hopkins

    Schatz Midget pin pallet

    Wayne, I don't have a miniature Schatz to measure the pins but I have a miniature Kundo that is a pin pallet escapement. The pins on it measure .012". For more info and reading see this thread.
  9. Harry Hopkins

    Eurmaca Trading by Edgar Henn build quality

    Hello Wayne, Nice looking clock! I have one very similar to yours. I think mine is plate 1088. I have a note in my Repair Guide that says: "Plates 1087 and 1088 are 7.5 BPM when using diamond shaped pendulum. " I remember being puzzled about the BPM after I overhauled mine and I am sure the...
  10. Harry Hopkins

    Cutting dome

    First, I should say that I have never tried this but I recently saw this video on a YouTube channel that I subscribe to... It is a variation of the method that Martin described. It failed in this case but watch the video to the end and you will see that he eventually had success. See it here...
  11. Harry Hopkins

    Kern Miniature 57

    Your clock can probably be made to run without spending much money. As Tracer said it would be best if it was disassembled and cleaned but you might be able to make it go as is. I have seen one clock with a spiraled suspension spring like yours able to run. If you can use some tweezers and...
  12. Harry Hopkins

    Removing Captive Pinion - Redux

    The anvil I use is hardened steel and it does not mark up the plates but it has a very smooth finish. If you are concerned that the crows foot might damage the brass you could put a layer of masking tape on it. I think you will find that when supported securely and near the center arbor that it...
  13. Harry Hopkins

    Removing Captive Pinion - Redux

    Just guessing here but I would say that you need to find a way to support the plate other than wood. The wood probably has enough give to it that it requires heavier blows with the hammer plus if you are using 2x4's I doubt you are supporting the plate near the center arbor so the plate is also...
  14. Harry Hopkins

    Questions on Troubleshooting Chart in Repair Guide

    I have not run into a geometry problem with a 400 day clock and used the Trouble Shooting Chart and thought it was in error. Sometimes the measurements 'Deep' and 'Shallow' are subjective from person to person. The drops are also a bit subjective. From your description if your drops are equal...
  15. Harry Hopkins

    Bushing Blanks

    I completely agree. I use blanks most often to fill a hole in a barrel where a hook has become loose and I need to move it and fill the old hole and in that case I suppose the cup on the inside of the barrel will make little difference... but.. when using a blank in a clock plate it is almost...
  16. Harry Hopkins

    Bushing Blanks

    I recently reordered some KWM sized 'The System' bushing blanks. These came with a cupped out divot on one end (see picture). I would prefer the blanks to be flat on both sides. I cannot think of any advantage a blank with a the divot has. Does anyone know if this is the way these blanks are...
  17. Harry Hopkins

    Looking to Upgrade my Spring Winder

    I believe these are what I ordered but I don't remember having to order 10 in a pack. Amazon has quite a selection if you search for "four arm knobs". My knobs take a 1/4-20 thread so I made my own threaded rods with 1/4-20 on one end and whatever thread the winder took on the other end. It...
  18. Harry Hopkins

    Looking to Upgrade my Spring Winder

    Here is a picture of my modified Webster... It is about 25 or 30 years old and I have slowly improved it over time. I like it but have very little experience with other winders. As it aged I started having trouble with the chuck holding smaller arbors and a few times it 'let go' on me so I...
  19. Harry Hopkins

    Potato Rock Ballet - What to do with 3 400-Day Movements

    So now I'm searching through my house looking for interesting items to use as a pendulum on one of my 'parts' movements. You may have created a new trend..
  20. Harry Hopkins

    Problem Hands

    The curve of the cupped washer is ok as long as it gives the minute hand enough tension so it doesn't flop. The most common problem associated with the cupped washer that would cause a clock to stop is if the washer is touching the front plate... there is a shoulder on the center arbor that is...

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