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  1. m33eow

    Vienna regulator; is this really proper gut line? It looks like fancy string!

    Hi folks, Way back in 2006 I posted a question about a relatively modern Vienna style regulator by a firm called "Lonsdale & Snelling". The post had a lovely update in 2020 from a chap who actually had a business card and small brochure from the firm, they were based in Frinton on Sea in Essex...
  2. m33eow

    What is this for? Cased set of 48 different sized pulleys?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me identify this. I'm working my way through my late husbands workshop and he had a number of horological tools, but I've no idea what this is / what it's for. My best guess is it's some sort of an attachment for a lathe? There's a wooden box...
  3. m33eow

    Help identifying watch / clockmakers tool

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm in the process of slowly clearing out my late husbands workshop and I found this tool. He had a number of watch and clockmaking instruments but I have no idea what this actually is. Can anyone tell me? It looks to have some small collets? But I've no...
  4. m33eow

    JAMES TRENGARD DOCK anyone heard of this maker or location? Small travelling lantern alarm

    Hi folks, I've just acquired a small travelling lantern alarm (6" high 4" wide) and so far have been unable to find any reference to the maker or the location signed to the boss plate. I'm in the UK, so just in case anyone further afield might recognise the name I thought it worth asking on...
  5. m33eow

    Crown needed for IWC 8521 in steel case

    Hi Folks, Can anybody help me with the technical spec for a winding crown for the IWC automatic 8521 model. I have one in a steel case with a non-original crown and would like to fit a proper IWC marked model. I've found various sites selling crowns but I've no idea what exact spec / size etc...
  6. m33eow

    Anyone heard of a clock / watch maker called CURTIS in Londonderry? Odd regulator

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some information on an Irish watch / clock maker. I've just picked up this rather interesting regulator that's in need of a bit of TLC, and as you can see the dial is signed for a CURTIS, Watchmaker, Londonderry. There are no Irish...
  7. m33eow

    Help finding strap for vintage Audemars

    Hi folks, I wonder if someone can possibly point me in the right direction to finding a replacement strap for a vintage Audemars. Its a slightly unusual style in that the ends are slightly curved and have 3 riveted holes that locate in pegs on the watch head. The width is approx 17mm. The photo...
  8. m33eow

    Help! Dial needed for older Heuer 2000 Chronograph

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. I've inherited an old (1980's?) Tag Heuer chronograph. Its the '2000 PROFESSIONAL 200M' model with an automatic movement and rotating black bezel on the case. When I got it the watch was in a real state as the movement was rusted solid...
  9. m33eow

    Who are M.P.G.?

    Hi folks, Has anyone hear heard of a Swiss wristwatch manafacturer who sign their movements M.P.G. ? I have a 1920's -30's ladies platinum cocktail watch retailed in London and the movement; a good quality 17 jewel lever with striped nickel plates, is simply signed M.P.G. to the main winding...
  10. m33eow

    Which IWC calibre is this?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to identify this early IWC pallweber calibre but not having much luck. All the books and forums seem to concentrate on the better known ones with little info on these earlier types. I've found an image of the same model on a German collectors site...
  11. m33eow

    Red Engravers Wax; where can I get some?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone here might know where I can get some red engravers / jewellers wax; basically the same as the black wax that is used on brass dials and chapter rings. :confused: I know you could get it, but so far all the UK clock materials places that I have tried say they can't...
  12. m33eow

    PEERCEE -SS&Co Anyone know who this is??

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone here might recognise this movement and be able to tell me whose it is. The only 'S.S. & Co' I'm familiar with is Stauffer, but this logo of the large letters within a horseshoe shape isn't one I recognise at all, and I can't find it detailed in any trademark...
  13. m33eow

    English ebauche maker; 'A.T.' any ideas???

    Hi folks, This is one of the piccies from another post I have, I just wondered if anyone recognised the makers mark? Its an English pocket watch circa 1903. I can't think of anyone with the initials A.T..... ???
  14. m33eow

    Know a good horological auction house you'd recommend?

    Hi folks, I understand that posts relating to sales etc are not allowed, but I'm hoping a general request for advice is okay... if not my appologies for this un-intentional breach. I have a fairly rare watch to sell; I won't give the details in case its construed as a coy advertisment. Can any...
  15. m33eow

    Help on Frodsham Regulator ;signed Courtenay?

    Hi folks! I’m hoping someone out there might know abit about Frodsham regulators or have heard the name ‘COURTENAY’ before. This is my latest acquisition… and it’s proving something of a conundrum! It’s a classic English regulator circa 1845-60 in a mahogany case with slightly Egyptian...
  16. m33eow

    Help getting Regulator longcase in beat -newbie owner!

    Hi folks, I wasn’t sure whether this should go in the clocks or clock repair section so took a gamble and went for this one! Basically I’m looking for some advice on setting up a regulator. I bought this just over 6 months ago and have had the case and dial restored so have been looking forward...
  17. m33eow

    Ignore this! blank entry due to double post of same subject

    Sorry, internet connection a bit weak and post was submitted twice so have removed this duplicate. internet connection resulted in double posting
  18. m33eow

    Replacement springs for Hebdomas 8-day watches?

    Does anyone know if you can buy replcament mainsprings for the Hebdomas style 8-day pocket watches? Thanks Anne:?|
  19. m33eow

    Anyone heard of W SWINEN Regulator clock makers Birmingham?

    Hi folks! I'm afraid the eclectic purchasing continues….. I saw this beauty in its slightly forlorn state and just had to rescue it! -Trust me; it looks WAY better in real life than the photos give it credit for!! It's a very large 8-Day regulator with pin wheel escapement in a solid mahogany...
  20. m33eow

    Johan Leonard Voggt Fraubing clock- who is he/ how old? Where IS Fraubing?!!

    Hi folks! I'm afraid the eclectic collection continues to expand! :smile: I picked up this chap in a fine walnut & ebonised case but have been unable to find any mention of the assigned maker. I was attracted to it as I thought it would make an interesting shelf companion for my Austrian bracket...

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