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  1. Dick Feldman

    Grandfather clock repair help

    As was mentioned, there are a lot of possibilities. There also may be secondary problems. When a pendulum is driven up by the action of a weight being raised, more can be wrong than the pendulum becoming unhooked. Things can be disconnected, broken and that action can cause the clock to be out...
  2. Dick Feldman

    What is the best way to clean a Hermle Balance?

    Most if not all used movements offered for sale are used up. It is human nature not to sell a working movement. Working movements are in clocks that are being used. Used movements offered for sale are those that have failed and have been replaced with new movements. The primary consideration...
  3. Dick Feldman

    Cuckoo music adjustment problem

    I think you are having two different problems. Two problems are more than twice as difficult to trouble shoot than one. For some insight, check this link: https://mb.nawcc.org/wiki/Encyclopedia-Subjects/Clock-Repair/THE-CUCKOO-MUSIC-BOX I think the Regula movement may be stopping due to the...
  4. Dick Feldman

    AChS-1 repair?

    Try David LaBounty. He is highly qualified and might be willing to tackle that type of project. Try this link: About Time - David LaBounty Best of luck, Dick
  5. Dick Feldman

    Novice Needs Help

    It is good to know that I have not run you off. Chime Time is spot on with his suggestion on a first clock repair. Even if the movement is time/strike it might be acceptable but don't dig into a three train movement for a first start. A good and inexpensive publication is "This Old Clock" by...
  6. Dick Feldman

    Novice Needs Help

    Roy, If you were a teacher, you understand that learning is not necessarily a process of osmosis. If you are interested in becoming a clock repair person, I would suggest you go to your local library and read everything you can find on clock repair. Some will be good and some will not be so...
  7. Dick Feldman

    Novice Needs Help

    Roy, You are are working on a fairly complicated machine and asking for an uncomplicated solution. It sounds like you have little or no knowledge of clock repair. Alarm clocks of that vintage were not made to be repaired but replaced. If the clock is worth the effort, my best suggestion is to...
  8. Dick Feldman

    Emperor School Clock Verge

    John, The Jauch Clock Company discontinued operations in 1983. That means any movement bearing their name has to be a minimum of 38 years old. The normal life span on a Jauch movement from that era is, on the long side about 23 years. Going back to my original post. There is a better than...
  9. Dick Feldman

    Seth Thomas 89AD strike issues...

    Count wheel strike systems operate with the same process. If you do not understand how the system works, you will be incapable of trouble shooting or repairing one. I would suggest you learn the sequence of events and then trouble shoot what is missing between the 2 o'clock strike and the 4...
  10. Dick Feldman

    urgos replacement movement id

    Replacing a movement without first checking to see if the original is indeed worn out and planning to replace a movement with new without comparing the cost to properly rebuild the original is also rather poor practice. If the original is worn to the point that it cannot give good service...
  11. Dick Feldman

    12 day clock mantel,

    I think that using a watch main spring is a very poor idea. Those are not strong enough. If a click return spring on a clock fails, the entire force of the main spring will be released in a nano second. That force will be released to the winding key and consequently to the hand winding the...
  12. Dick Feldman

    I can not raise the weights of my tall case clocks . The weight chain will not budge . It is a William and Mary 1730 one hand 24 hr.

    Before you have someone in to look at the clock or tear it apart this might be something to try. Use a mirror and flashlight to see up underneath the clock. You may be able to see the chain fouled, tangled, etc. You then may be able to fish around and free the snag in the chain using a...
  13. Dick Feldman

    I can not raise the weights of my tall case clocks . The weight chain will not budge . It is a William and Mary 1730 one hand 24 hr.

    That is not enough information. How about some pictures of the movement, the case, etc. I do not think that being idle for three years is the cause of the problem. Dick
  14. Dick Feldman

    Emperor School Clock Verge

    Adjusting the center distance will likely not do any good. The verge bridge being level has little or nothing to do with the escapement being in adjustment. The most likely cause of your poor operation is wear in the wheel train which translates to low power. So far, your symptoms are of a...
  15. Dick Feldman

    Mauthe Grandfather clock chiming 5 segments of Westminster chimes. Need help.

    The dial is likely secured with tapered pins that go through holes in some posts that extend horizontally through the front plate of the movement. You probably cannot see or take those pins out with the movement in the case. The minute hand will come straight out after you remove the hand nut...
  16. Dick Feldman

    Help needed with a Waterbury 30hr clock.

    John, I think you are a hero!!! Many of the EW/verge combinations have their origins in India and quality control is not good with them. The in and out of beat is probably due to the poor quality when the wheel was built. Best, Dick
  17. Dick Feldman

    Kieninger KSU Escapement

    With novice repair people, the escapement and the power end of the movement are often blamed for poor operation. The most common reason clocks do not function properly is lack of power in the train. Escapements do not normally need adjustment/cleaning, etc unless someone has "messed" with...
  18. Dick Feldman

    Mauthe Grandfather clock chiming 5 segments of Westminster chimes. Need help.

    Mike, The problem with your clock lies hidden behind the dial (face). If you are not capable of removing the movement from the case and/or removing the dial, not much can be said. The ideal situation would be to have a video of the front of the movement with the dial removed, advancing the...
  19. Dick Feldman

    12 day clock mantel,

    That clock probably came into this world near the same time I did. (and I am kind of an old geezer) Most of those old balance wheel clocks have gone to land fills or the metal has been recycled. You probably could not find another. Maybe the click spring was attached where you marked but...
  20. Dick Feldman

    12 day clock mantel,

    It is hard to tell what was there. Do you have the pieces of the original? Click this link--I think it was something near this one. https://timesavers.com/i-8948958-128-clickspring.html You may have to do some modification but starting with something close will be helpful. Best, Dick

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