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    Pre-built clock case

    Hello clockman123, several members of the board have built clock cases for Vienna and wall regulators, myself included. Examples of mine can be seen at www.Lumberjocks.com/horsefly/projects. Are you looking for advise, plans, or what?
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    looking for opinions on" Proclocks' clocks.

    Normally I would not respond to a thread such as this but on this one I feel I must. I have dealt with Bob in the past and have been very satisfied with the process. I was in need of a porcelain dial and Bob provided the only solution I could find. The end result was as advertised, the...
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    Finally finished my E. Howard #70-24

    tok-tokkie, I apologize for my poor photography, I think the brass reflections and color saturation are misleading. I should have played around with the pics before posting I suppose. All the pinions in the movement are indeed cut steel. The only brass/brass interface is in the motion works...
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    Finally finished my E. Howard #70-24

    Not sure I posted pics of the movement previously so here they are:
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    E. Howard hands, what to do.......

    Here's the situation....I have a #70-24 that I need to make the correct hands for it. I prefer spade hands with no tail on the minute hand as shown in a Howard catalog. Keep in mind the movement has an integral counterbalance for the longer minute hand. I made the first one from .050...
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    Finally finished my E. Howard #70-24

    E. Howard #70-24 pics
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    Finally finished my E. Howard #70-24

    Some of you may recall I had posted earlier (months ago) re: a movement I picked up several years ago at a NAWCC convention in MO. I was surprised to learn that it was for a 24" dial. Well, it's finally done. This was the most difficult clock case I have built to date. Not because of it's...
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    Broken Pivot Ends on Mauthe Escapement Arbor: Mail-in Repair?

    Absolutely! Send to David LaBounty, he's done several jobs for me and I highly recommend him. You can reach him at: About Time Clockmaking, LLC 1361 Center Ave. Mitchell, NE 69357 (866) 641 7051 (toll free) David LaBounty djlabounty@gmail.com
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    E. Howard glass installation???

    Willie X, Thanks much!! Wow, what a detailed answer. I will do it exactly that way. I appreciate your time and effort involved in determining the details, couldn't ask for more! Bob B
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    E. Howard glass installation???

    I am ready to install the glass into a #70 case. Can someone tell me how E. Howard originally installed their glass? I can use glue blocks, glazing, or whatever. I will not use any type of nail since I don't want to break the glass which was recently reverse painted.
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    Clock parts wanted-older posts

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted E. Howard door latches needed for a #70. Anyone know where I can find these. I've checked the usual suppliers. Thanks
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    Clock parts wanted-older posts

    Re: Need Chalet Cuckoo Decoration E. Howard door latches needed for a #70. Anyone know where I can find these. I've checked the usual suppliers. Thanks
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    Need to duplicate a hood for Japanese Stick Clock

    Michael, Can you possibly provide a picture? This would help everyone to see exactly what you need.
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    Pinwheel Regulator Case

    Please keep us posted on your progress. I also have to build a case for a pinwheel regulator. I have the movement, dial, hands, and pendulum. I am finishing up a case now for a Howard #70-24. My next woodworking effort will be for the pinwheel. I would be very interested in your design, and...
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    case part needed desperately!

    Rob, Here's the best I can do. Thanks,
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    Looking for ornamental beading

    Kevin, have you by anychance checked with Rockler? They have beading but I don't know if they have your size or design, and of course they are in the States. www.rockler.com Good luck, Bob
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    case part needed desperately!

    Does anyone know where I can find a couple of door latches like E. Howard used on their #70. I need one for the door and one for the bezel. I haven't had any luck searching the usual prospects (Timesavers, etc.) Appreciate any leads.
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    case finishing question....

    I am nearing completion of a reproduction clock case for a Howard #70 that was originally made for a 24" dial and I know it was made in 1910. I am using cherry and thinking ahead to the finish. I can put a finish on it (which I have done before) that will make it look aged (darker) or, I can...
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    Diagnostic fun!!

    Well here 'tis.... the flat spring that pushes the rack tail against the snail was bent out and not contacting the rack at all. Just the weight/balance of the rack would drop it back 2-3 teeth but not enough momentum to go further. I bent the spring back slightly so it made solid contact with...
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    Obsolete clock parts wanted

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted I really need an original E. Howard, 4 5/8" dia. bob. Willing to pay a fair price.

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