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    Help Identify a Cottage Clock

    I have a small cottage clock and am trying to identify the case. In its current form, the face and pendulum are replaced, the gong is Seth Thomas and the works are E. Ingraham. I suspect the case is ST but can’t find it in my books. If someone knows the maker, do you know which works and...
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    Gustav Becker Mantle Clock Pendulum P14 Repair

    I have what I call Gustav Becker "miniature grandfather" for lack of a better name. It has a Gustav Becker P14 chiming works, and there is every indication that the works are original to the clock. After cleaning in which I took out the springs but did not disassemble the time, strike, and chime...
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    Waterbury Parlor Clock Identification

    I am trying to that this clock is a Waterbury Delhi and confirm that it should have a Roman rather than an Arabic dial. A paper on the back says Waterbury Delhi but the only Delhi in Tran’s Waterbury book is a black mantle. Can anyone confirm they made a parlor Delhi or has someone just put this...
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    Jerome & Company 30-hour Steeple

    I recently acquired this Jerome & Co. Steeple and, not having many Jerome clocks, was wondering if anyone knew 1) whether this is likely the original Jerome movement, and 2) is the tablet is original or a replacement?
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    Dog On Good Gasoline

    Two weeks ago I acquired a group of clocks including this grocery regulator with an unusual (to me at least) tablet advertising “Dog On Good Gasoline” “The Petroleum Products Co” “Kansas Made.” I located the previous existence of the company and the fact that there was one valuable gasoline pump...
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    Jerome or New Haven Cottage

    I took a closer look at one of the cottage clocks in my collection and became curious about a couple of things. It is an 8-day that I bought many years ago and have never had apart. My questions are about the case, specifically the door and wooden tablet. 1) Has anyone seen what appears to be a...
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    Clock Identification

    A friend asked me about this clock. I have never seen anything like it. I feel the case is very old but am unsure whether the case was made as a production clock or made by some cabinet maker to their own design. Likewise the dial is very unusual. I have not yet seen the works and will share...
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    Sonora 8-bell Chime Clock Chime Problem

    I have a Sonora (not Set Thomas) 8-bell Chime Clock that has stopped chiming. Minutes before the chime mechanism is to chime, the clock mechanism slowly lowers a chain attached to the chime activation lever lever then rapidly jerks it upward to start the chimes. The clock portion of that process...
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    French Mantle Strike Train Problems

    I have a French Mantle with a front rack and snail that I cannot get to working. As shown in a short video that I will try and post, the gathering pallet engages the rack but nothing keeps. The rack in the next position. Also the lever on the other end of the rack hook 1) lays against the small...
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    Unusual chime & strike 2-weight German tall case

    I have a typical round top 2-weight German tall case except, in addition to striking with 4 hammers on the hour, the rack drops 1 notch on the quarter hour and plays 4 notes, 2 notches on the half and plays 8 notes, 3 notches on the three-quarter and plays 12 notes, then on the hour it moves...
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    Gustav Becker Mantle Clock Chime Train Not Operating Properly

    I have a Gustav Becker chime and strike miniature "tall case" clock made right before they changed their serial numbering system. While the case looks like it would take a longer pendulum, it uses the P14 length mantle clock pendulum The works has been cleaned and the time and strike are working...
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    English Tall Case--No Friction Between Cannon Pinion and Center Arbor

    After repairing and cleaning an English tall case clock (old English bell), there is no friction between the center arbor and the shaft attached to the cannon pinion. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how one might re-establish the necessary friction for the cannon pinion (and thus the hands)...
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    Help Difference between an ST 89AD and STs 89AL

    I have a Seth Thomas mantle clock with an 89AL movement that has a couple of the strike side gears missing. I have located an 89AD and was wondering if I can just interchange the works or replace the butterfly and one other gear on the strike side?
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    Ansonia Long Drop Inconsistencies

    I have had several Ansonia long drops over the years--both 30-day timepieces and 8-day clocks. I recently acquired this one which raised several questions once I got inside.The case and face appear to be a genuine Ansonia 8-day time and strike, however, the works is not marked Ansonia, it has...
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    Howard Banjo #3 Weight

    Does anyone know where I can find a weight for my #3 Howard Banjo? My father-in-law obtained this prized timepiece many years ago, but I have never had a correct or near correct weight Assuming an original or a reproduction weight is unavailable, what commercially available reproduction might...
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    Information about a 5'10" Tall Case Clock Case

    I recently purchased this 5'10" case for a so-called "grandmother" tall-case clock and would appreciate any information atout: 1) the country of origin, age, etc. of the clock case and its original works; 2) where and/or how might one find a works like or similar to the original works; 3) or...
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    SCS Clock Cleaning Solution--Water vs. Petroleum Based

    Some time back, I purchased two gallons of SCS Clock Cleaning Solution along with their rinse. I purchased both the water-based and the petroleum-based because one would not remove lacquer from the plates and the other one would. Now I have forgotten which does what. Can anyone tell me which...

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