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    Ansonia A 21 Movement Marking

    I have a customer who has an Ansonia single rod strike mantle clock movement with a B 21 mark on the back. I have a similar movement with an A 21 mark on the back. Are the movements different or is the A or B marking some sort of manufacturing dating stamp? Thanks David
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    I recently purchased this Model 311 Lenzkirch clock. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the two brass hourglass knobs are to the left of the movement bracket. They have holes in them and seem to line up with the holes in the case. Thanks David
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    Interesting card flip clock with calander

    Hello I would like to see if anyone has any information on this clock. French lettering on cards and an American patent number stamped on the calendar mechanism. Thanks David
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    Atmos clock stops at 2 minutes to 5

    Hi I purchased an Atmos clock that was not working. I took it to a reputable repair shop to have it looked at. They did a complete overhaul and I took it home. It runs 10 days sometimes 2 weeks and then stops at 2 minutes to five. If I move the minute hand slightly it will start to run...
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    Gilbert Cosey Corner Pattern P

    Hi I have a Gilbert Cosey Corner Pattern P horse clock that someone removed the paint on the horse race scene on the bottom. I am looking for an original Picture of the front of this clock to reproduce the paint colors. Thanks David
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    Rathbun bushing use

    I think I found a use for those pesky rathbun bushing we all have taken off movements and stuck in a drawer. I use them for a tiny but useful wall stabilizer on heavy door wall clocks. What do you think?
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    Waterbury 32 Calendar Factory mistake?

    I received this Waterbury calendar clock the other day. If you notice the ball and spindle arrangement on the top is different on each side. This top has never been altered, the patina on the wood is the same on each piece which leads me to believe that this happened when the top was...
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    New haven emperor brass bands decorative nail

    Hi Does anyone know where to get these, I call them decorative nails rather than rosettes. I am restoring a New Haven brass bands and some are missing. They were also used on the New Haven 12-inch drop octagon and small drop octagon. About 15/16 inch in diameter. Thanks David
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    Balance wheel movement running to fast

    I mainly collect and repair spring and weight driven pendulum clocks but I admit I like the little 8 day balance wheel clocks. I get them with dirty movements that need cleaning and bushings to make them keep time again. I have a few that seem to run to fast even with the slow fast lever all...
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    New Haven clock ID

    I recently bought this New Haven clock and wonder if anyone knows the name of this model? Thanks David
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    seth thomas city series Seville

    Does anyone have a photo of a Seth Thomas Seville city series clock? Thanks much, Dave
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    Escape wheel Ansonia 4 1/2 movement

    I need an escape wheel for an Ansonia 4 1/2 open escapement movement. Does anyone know where to get one? Thanks David
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    Ansonia 5 1/2 movement question

    Hi I have a ansonia 5 1/2 round movement out of a cabinet # 38 clock. My question is how to adjust the strike so it strikes on the hour and the half hour. It strikes at about 1 minute after 12 and 31 minutes after the hour. I see the little disk behind the hand arbor with the 2 pins that...
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    Gilbert Regulator # 11

    Anybody have any idea where I can find the small balls and wooden buttons for a Gilbert # 11 regulator? Thanks David Leinen
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    Seth Thomas D-51-M 15 day movement

    I have a mantle clock with this movement. The fork at the bottom of the verge is about twice as wide as the pendulum rod. The verge will move faster than the pendulum. Is this normal? I don't see how to decrease the width of the fork to make the rod fit tighter. Thanks Dave
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    Pendulum swing in ST 124

    I have a ST 124 movement that runs but the pendulum swing is weak. Can the verge be set deeper? It doesn't appear that the verge plates will adjust. Thanks Dave Leinen
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    Weights for Waterbury 57

    I have a Waterbury regulator # 57 without weights. Does anyone know the correct size and weight for these weights? Thank you David Leinen
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    Weights for Waterbury

    I have a Waterbury 57 regulator without weights. Does anyone know the correct size for the weights on this clock? Thanks david Leinen

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