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  1. Darrmann39

    40" granddaughter , movement type?

    I both this case only to fix for my daughter. The fix would be a movement. . Any idea of maker so I can start looking for correct one. If I can't find one that goes to it I'm sure I could put a few different movements in it. It's time only with a 3 ¾ drop to winding arbor
  2. Darrmann39

    Japanese mainspring

    I have this double wheel escapement from Japan. Wouldn't barley run too out apart cleaned no need for bushings put it together and it runs hours fast a day. I'm thinking someone replaced mainspring. The one in it is a 3/4x .16x96 The ones below that are .750x .14 x 60" and 108" .750x .15x...
  3. Darrmann39

    Hard work pays off

    I got this clock online. They didn't show the inside and I assumed it was brass movement. Alas no it's a wooden movement. . The German phrase translates to a couple different ways. The most prevalent is "hard work pays off". Very cool scribed wooden wrapped weights and dial and picture...
  4. Darrmann39

    Spanish? Napoleon, tell me more

    Got another Napoleon 3rd clock. The movement Surprised me everything's very thick. Plates and gears. Huge mainspring and barrels. Any idea on maker? Age. If anyone can read the back of dial that's the best I can get
  5. Darrmann39

    All brass Gustav becker case

    I have a friend who has this all brass Gustav becker. That's all brass case. Looking for any info on it including possible price range.
  6. Darrmann39

    Makers mark?

    Could someone point me in the right direction on this makers mark. Not positive what the top letters or words are but the bottom is C.M Think French. Portico clock
  7. Darrmann39

    Gilbert alarm clock

    In confused on this Gilbert alarm clock. Would it have been mounted in something. Can't hang from back winding keys in way. Round so won't stand plus the alarms on bottom. Help me out.
  8. Darrmann39

    All electric cloister clock

    This is a Cloister clock from the Cottage clock Corp. Plug it in and it runs. But the back has some copper wire hanging from posts and it the balls would be decoration and not functioning. Can't believe it would be like that but see nothing that it would hang from to function. Need some help
  9. Darrmann39

    Sharing 2"tall Waterbury carriage clock

    Got this tiny carriage clock made by Waterbury and given to someone by Chief Skin Cote an American Indian chief.
  10. Darrmann39

    Could you tell me the maker

    Could someone tell me the maker. Looks like an American movement. Only mark is 49
  11. Darrmann39

    My first miniature Gf

    I got this Schmidt miniature gf had a broken up plastic case. Told my daughter I would make a case. So here it is. Brazilian rosewood. Real glass in windows.
  12. Darrmann39

    Tell me what i have.

    This came with another clock I wanted. The one I wanted looks like my 16" gb but thinking ansonia as it's not marked. But the one I wanted to know about was this. Looks like B.E with circle around it. But that brings up nothing on mikrolisk. Cool dial and started right up. Copper with brass.
  13. Darrmann39

    Marble Japy freres mantle

    Just got done cleaning up this japy freres. Turned out pretty nice .a little chip on one side but beautiful besides. Man these things have a tiny sweet spot to get in beat. They pendulum barely swing. Have had a few now and they are all the same.
  14. Darrmann39

    Just sharing.

    Literally just took them out of box. From what I see is a angemeldet 400 day clock I think around 1902 And a koma my first one that I know nothing about. Bottom block is missing. Will that take a certain block? And wear size suspension spring?
  15. Darrmann39

    Shout out to Howard restor A Finish

    I just got this really dirty Seth Thomas. Has some absolutely beautiful wood. Anyone know the kind please speak up. Any way first time using Howard restor A Finish and it's now my goto .
  16. Darrmann39

    Seth Thomas automatic alarm

    You probably get tired of all my posts but here's another. I got this because I saw the dial and was curious as to what the automatic alarm was all about. The back has about half the instructions. Could anyone explain how it works. Beautiful wood will be Even more so cleaned up. Luckily made...
  17. Darrmann39

    Small German windup 10 day

    So I got this cute little 10 day windup torsion clock works great. What looks like a lock on back bottom is a spring loaded start for the pendulum. Fast and slow you flip over and adjust. German made. Any ideas of who made it. Or when? Bottom pic all cleaned on outside looks pretty good
  18. Darrmann39

    Can you tell me about this

    One of 2 that arrived today. Don't know anything about it. Missing weights. Would like to know what they look like possibly. Any info will be appreciated
  19. Darrmann39

    Gustav becker

    Just got this Gb . Pretty rough case but have all parts so that easy. Broken glass on transport. No head and missing left side grate. Needs pendulum. Any pics of what it should look like? Is the 48 on back of movement the length of pendulum?
  20. Darrmann39

    Gustav pendulum length

    Just got this Gb . Case pretty rough but have all the pieces. So that's easy. Missing head. Needs a pendulum. Anyone have a pic of what kind of should be. Is 48 on the back the length?

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