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  1. Robbie Pridgen

    4 mantel clocks bought from estate sale today

    Hello all, I finally admit that I’ve been bitten by the horological bug! Here’s some pictures of the 4 clocks that, believe it or not, my wife encouraged me to buy!! What a great gal! It was her idea that we go to the estate sale today and we did alright. Here are some pictures.
  2. Robbie Pridgen

    Wooden Movement

    1830’s Seth Thomas WORKING AGAIN!! Thanks SO MUCH to all who helped!! I’ll add more info and pics soon! Best Regards, Robbie P.
  3. Robbie Pridgen

    Inherited old pillar and splat mantle clock

    [Hello All, My wife and I have acquired this nice old clock that no longer has a label. Maybe a Bartholomew or Seth Thomas? When I start the pendulum it runs for a minute or two then stops. Probably needs cleaning and oiling. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Robert

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