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  1. zcjaais

    Strange timegrapher reading-what sort of skullduggery is this?

    Hello, I'm working on a French FE 3611 movement from a 1970's sort of diver watch. Everything cleaned and oiled, demagnetized and all. It looks like it runs fine, but when I put it on the timing machine, the reading makes no sense. It still looks pretty structured, but it is not at all a...
  2. zcjaais

    Swiss PW moon phase Pocket watch - How to get the moon phase going?

    Hi, I have been working on this huge pocket watch with a moon phase and day/date subdials. Now, the hands for the day, the date and the moonphase are supposed to be propelled by the minute wheel in the center. However, this does not have quite enough friction to move the other wheels. It stops...
  3. zcjaais

    Mechanical WW What happens if I put in a shorter mainspring?

    Hi, I'm working on this ridicilously large moon phase full calendar pocket watch. The mainspring is blue and pretty much set after having been coiled up for a dozens of years and I'd like to replace it. The mainspring specs are: height: 2.50 mm thick: 0.20 mm length: 770 mm barrel: 21 mm...
  4. zcjaais

    What is Moebius 921/2 used for?

    Hello, I've recently picked up a batch of watch oils at a clock fair. Among the bottles there is one with Moebius 921/2 in a metal container with a light blue color. I use 941 on pallet jewels, 921 seems pretty close in numbering so maybe it has a similar use? I have a suspicion this batch may...

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