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  1. John T.

    What tool might this be?

    Howdy, I got six of these in a box lot. (See pic) Figured sooner or later I would see one identified somewhere somehow. Other folks selling them don’t seem to know either. I figure it has something to do with clock repair though. I am sure the mystery can be solved here. Thanks! John T.
  2. John T.

    Function balance I hate hairsprings! Coned hairspring….

    Howdy, Well, working on a Seiko Marvel 1956 17j movement. Felt removal of hairspring was called for. Removed it-went to move it-was hung on balance wheel and was a slinky before I noticed it happening. Now a uniform cone shaped hairspring. Tried a few weak corrective attempts to no avail and...
  3. John T.

    Function Seiko Marvel parts advice needed

    Howdy, I would appreciate any info or advice you might have about the following watch movement: Bought a late 50’s Seiko Marvel with Seikosha 17j movement. Seller said it had a part missing and would not stem wind. Well, the part missing is the winding pinion. It can be ratchet wound and runs...
  4. John T.

    Is a broken set lever spring a common fault in Seiko caliber 54?

    Howdy, I have an EB.. sourced Seiko Cronos with caliber 54 movement. Based on the ‘description’ was surprised to find set lever spring was broken and the set lever loose in the movement. Curious if this is a common fault for the 54 caliber? Have had no luck so far locating a replacement part...
  5. John T.

    Searching for Seiko Cronos ‘set lever spring’ #388-540

    Howdy, Need set lever spring or donor mvmt: Seiko part from 54A caliber or variant. Part from Champion Calendar 19j, ———Cronos self dater 21j should work. Part from cal. 810 23j should work. Part from Champion 17j, 19j, ———-Cronos 17j, 21j, 23j ———May work if using the ‘one flat head...
  6. John T.

    Can this date ring be saved??

    Howdy folks, This date ring works fine except for three specific dates. ‘11’ is one of them. Teeth appear to be blunted just enough to stall the date ring when the ‘pusher’ passes over them moving them slightly. Watch works fine otherwise no matter the date condition. The question: Is there...
  7. John T.

    Mainspring barrel help on Felsa 4009 or similar

    Howdy, Trying to service wrist watch with Felsa 4009 movement. Not sure how to proceed. Never seen one before. Thanks. 6
  8. John T.

    Help Eterna 1248T shock spring removal

    Howdy, First post so bear with me. I have just serviced an Eterna 1248T that was running fine. It had no maintenance history, so........ These were the first Eterna gents’ watch movements to have rotors w/ball bearings, circa 1949, so I have read. It was running great before I started...

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