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  1. Harold Visser

    E. Howard Series III

    Your nice Howard was finished on May5, 1869 . It was fully adjusted by G. P. Reed as were the other nine watches made in this batch. On July 10, 1869 it was sent/sold to Wheeler Parsons &Co.
  2. Harold Visser

    Howard series III

    Checking on some early numbers of ones I have owned, "wings" on the balance arms are on 3342, 3883, 4171 ,4207, 6805 and 7110 but not #8507 on up...... Harold
  3. Harold Visser

    From the bottom of the Havana Harbor

    Here is a picture of Sigsbee with presumably the Howard on the end of the chain. The Howard, number 12722. I've been looking for that number on and off for over twenty years.
  4. Harold Visser

    If you could only have one RR watch...

    Here is the pic of the Moorhouse Webb C Ball dial I used to own, I still miss it a lot.........
  5. Harold Visser

    Patent Regulator Catalog Your Favorite

    Clint, that nickel KW KS looked familiar but the number didn't ring a bell, I think you meant 21,576 not 21,586 right?
  6. Harold Visser

    E.HOWARD & CO. BOSTON SIZE18 400808

    Not much gets by Clint when it comes to Howards, The pic I intended to post was this one ......It would be nice that the split plate dial was a signed Moorhouse, but it is on a Ser VIII OF, made too late for it be Moorhouse.
  7. Harold Visser

    E.HOWARD & CO. BOSTON SIZE18 400808

    TaPaVAa I'll throw up some Moorehouse pics for you, from very plain to extremely ornate, Harold
  8. Harold Visser

    E.HOWARD & CO. BOSTON SIZE18 400808

    Well first of all, all 400,001 to 405,000 numbers without exceptions are N sz HC Hound grade gilt movements. Cases available could be gold filled, silver or solid gold. This low grade line was Howards attempt at breaking into the low cost market of watch sales. This was well after Edward...
  9. Harold Visser

    ROY Pocket watch case A.W.W Co Riverside movement

    i always assumed this was a ROY case....notice the half a dozen watch repairmen/jewelers marks on the lower left......
  10. Harold Visser

    What was your most difficult but successful watch project............

    Ok, here is the dial side. Used shellac to glue dial back together again. Harold
  11. Harold Visser

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Acquired a very nice 83 Crescent St. recently even though I've never considered myself as a Mdl 83 fan I find myself owning a half a dozen or so....
  12. Harold Visser

    What was your most difficult but successful watch project............

    A little background on my successful project, snooping around an internet watch sales web site some years ago, I came across a listing under misc parts that was described as "assorted Elgin parts" $23. My eye was immediately drawn to the butterfly cut out on the plate that was partially...
  13. Harold Visser

    Favorite Watch Inscription

    My favorite is my Waltham mdl 70, inscribed Thomas N Bailey, US Army, 1873 and Nashville Tennessee. Armed with that info, I knew the "who" the "what" the "when" and the 'where" but not the "why". After some Google research, it turns out that Thomas Bailey graduated from the US Army West Point...
  14. Harold Visser

    10 and 20 years ago

    Here's my J.J. Bigelow, I must have a soft spot for it, since I sold the majority of my Howards but I still have the Bigelow.
  15. Harold Visser

    Blued Screws and Hands

    Here is the wiring schematic ......
  16. Harold Visser

    Blued Screws and Hands

    Yes, it is a 2" x1.5x1.5" brass block I had laying around. Drilled a series of holes in it for various screw sizes. The plastic electrical box is from Home Depot. In it is a PID controller from Amazon. It is what sets and holds the desired temp. 120V in run through the toggle switch then to...
  17. Harold Visser

    Blued Screws and Hands

    Here's the contraption I use, preset at 570 degrees perfect deep blue everytime. Built it about twenty years ago, think I had less then a $100 in it.... Harold
  18. Harold Visser

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Clint, I owned 55137 for a while, I believe I might have sold it to that rancher in Oregon about 10 years ago........ Meanwhile here are a few more of my Howard transitional dials, both are Moorehouse if I recall correctly. Harold
  19. Harold Visser

    Odd cases

    Didn't realize white gold filled cases were that unusual... Just purchased this up/down Vanguard recently. It came with a factory Keystone 14K white gold filled case,makes for a very nice looking setup. Now that Geno55 mentioned it, I haven't seen white gold filled cases before either, but...
  20. Harold Visser

    A Howard and the missing E. Howard watch.......

    When reorganizing the E Howard ledgers recently, this entry for # 57412 caught my eye and I thought it might be an interesting read. It reads, "given to A. Howard to replace one lost on the Naragansett Bay." "A. Howard" refers to Edward Howard's nephew Albert who was a sales agent for the...

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