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    Junghans Mega Ceramic

    Looking for information on Junghans Mega in ceramic case. Does anyone know what the numbers on back of case mean. 17/1010 104 No. 93xxxxxx. (x=digits). What movement ? Frequency(s) received? Year manufactured? Etc. I've searched the internet for this information without success. Many thanks.
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    Stolen 992E

    Stolen 8/15/18 in fairfield, AL Hamilton 992E ser. no. 25828E1 with Montgomery dial in a model #16 case (I think). Taken in home burglary along with 2 Ladies Seiko mechanical wristwatches an 2 Bulova Accutron quartz SMQ mens wristwatchs.
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    Stolen 992E

    Stolen 8/15/18 in fairfield, AL Hamilton 992E ser. no. 25828E1 with Montgomery dial in a model #16 case (I think). Taken in home burglary along with 2 Ladies Seiko mechanical wristwatches an 2 Bulova Accutron quartz SMQ mens wristwatchs.
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    Accutron Band ?

    Started to fit this band to a 1977 Bulova quartz case and discovered it wouldn't fit because of the little tabs on the end of the end piece. First thought was to grind off the tabs but then thought this band may have been intended for a particular case. Also wondered if it is a genuine Bulova...
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    Bulova Hands recommendation

    I've acquired a rather nice case with an interesting "Tri Plane" crystal and blue dial with silver hour makers for a 1977 Bulova quartz. I'm assembling a 2423.10 movement for it. So far I haven't found suitable correctly sized hands for the blue dials. All I find at the supply houses with...
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    Bulova hand description on parts envelope.

    Is the length stated on a Bulova hand parts envelope for the hour hand or the minute hand ? I think I used to know but the grey matter doesn't function like it used to.
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    Longines Ultra-Chron case question

    The Longines service instructions state that when casing up the movement to replace the retaining pieces. I have been told that only certain cases require retaining pieces. My watch is in case 59-592 and since it's first service in 1973 the stem would come apart and one time was lost and...
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    G1-S Battery

    A couple of my late wife's watches have a battery marked G1-S. Unable to find a cross reference to this number. Help. Thanks
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    Bulova Crystal Number or Size

    Can anyone furnish the Bulova crystal number or size for case nos. 3750 and R320A. The latter is a chinese case. Both cases house 2423.1 movements. Thanks.
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    Crystal Tools

    I'm about to enter the confusing world of crystal replacement. I understand the India made crystal presses are of acceptable quality and aluminum dies are to be preferred over plastic. Are screw on aluminum dies to be preferred over snap on dies? Most of the presses advertized don't mention...
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    Electric WW Minute Wheel for Bulova 2453.10

    Need a minute wheel for a Bulova Quartz 2453.10 or a cheap parts movement. This one pulses but previous owner tried to set it while the cannon pinion was frozen and ruined several teeth. Thanks for looking
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    Chinese Movement Holder

    Has anyone tried the Chinese copy of Bergeon movement holders ? I have several other types but these look like they would be better for use with quartz movements that have protruding plastic parts if they're not junk.
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    Electric WW Trimmer for Bulova Quartz

    I would like to replace the trimmer on a couple of Bulova 242 series circuits but can see nothing on the existing trimmers to indicate value, make, model, etc. The circuits run and the accuset function works but the circuits lose 20 + seconds a day. The trimmers show signs of very rough...
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    Electric WW Another Bulova Quartz Question

    Among my Bulova 242 series quartz watches is one with a bad stepper motor and one with a broken stepper motor printed circuit lead. 1. Is there a practical method of repairing the broken lead? It's brittle and in three pieces. 2. Is it possible to transfer the lead from the bad motor to the...
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    English PW Help With Bulova Quartz

    While dismantling this Bulova cal. 2423.11 to try to determine why it stops frequently the small piece on the right fell out while I was distracted. I can't figure where it goes at this stage of dismantling. The battery is new and strong and the train is free so the problem must be a contact...
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    Correct crown for Longines Ultrachron

    Can anyone describe for me (dimensions) the correct crown for a 1968 Ultrachron in the 10k gold filled one piece case? Mine was lost about 40 years ago. There are some on the bay but I don't know if they will fit. I contacted Longines but their reply was the usual "send it to us and we aill...
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    Staking Tool Die Table

    How do you remove the die table from a Moseley inversion staking tool ? Table is binding and I need to replace dried grease. I have removed the screws from the locking mechanism and removed the locking wheel and shaft but can't see how to remove table. I have it soaking in PB Blaster now. Thanks
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    Electric WW ID One Jewel Miyota Movement

    Need to replace movement in one of wife's fashion watches. Movement is Miyota with no model number. Looks like 203X series. Only markings are: Miyota Co. Japan Unadjusted One Jewel 1ZZS (on the quartz crystal container) I can find no reference to 1ZZS as being an ID. Any suggestions?
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    Electric WW Pulsar losing time at night

    A friend has asked me why her ladies Pulsar quartz loses 2 hours at night when off her wrist. I have asked her to observe and report if: 1.It keeps time during the day (she implied it did) 2.She is sure the stem is pushed all the way in after setting each morning. 3.If the second hand is moving...
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    English PW Seating set jewels

    What is the preferred method of seating set jewels ? I recently tried to seat some Swiss aftermarket jewels using a jewel pusher. I was careful to use the pusher that contacted only the outer part of the setting. Three out of three jewels broke. Haven't had that problem when re-seating jewels...

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