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    Schatz 53 escape wheel.

    Hi. I am looking for an escape wheel for a Schatz 53 400 day clock. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Philip Hauck parts

    Hi All. I recently came on a box of clock parts, I believe they are from a Philip Hauck clock, the base, pillars and dome are present also. I had noticed the damaged mainspring barrel, but later on when I had a closer look, I noticed the broken pivot on the escape wheel, also the cannon...
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    $ Wilmac 400 Day Clock

    Wilmac 400 day clock Hi. I recently acquired a Wilmac 400 day clock. When I tried to wind it the mainspring barrel turned as I wound and I could see the wheel next to the barrel slipping on it's shaft. Can this be repaired, or how is the brass wheel supposed to be attached to it's steel shaft...
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    400 Day clock mainspring barrel

    Hi. I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me as I am having no luck anywhere else. I came across this forum as I was searching for a part for a clock that I have. It is a Badische 400 day torsion clock, or at least it has the Badische logo on the dial. I believe it is from the early...

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