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    Function Ridgeway E or G pendulum problem

    So, after swinging the pendulum for a couple days, I managed to go through the hour: discovered that the hour chime and the quarter hour chime works but the half hour and the 3/4 hour do not. The pendulum does actually swing (like England do - 60s reference) for about 2+ minutes. I'll just keep...
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    Function Ridgeway E or G pendulum problem

    Thanks for the replies. I set the pendulum to swinging and it goes for about a minute but the clock advances 2 minutes (I will time how long it swings to make sure that I have that correct). I am trying to figure out how to take a movie of the movement w/o taking the works apart - I may try...
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    Function Ridgeway E or G pendulum problem

    My circa 1979 Ridgeway sat in storage for about 4 years before I was able to move it from Bozeman, MT to Seattle WA a couple weeks ago. The weights and pendulum were removed when it went into storage. I set it up, leveled it and tried to get it to start but the pendulum just slows to a stop. I...

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