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    Antique cuckoo quail movement quail call issue

    I concur. Well said and good advise. It does not hurt to oil it. If this is not the cure, do not waste your time with cleaning without bushing.
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    Vintage Car Clock

    Thanks, guys. Hopefully we can replace the capacitors. Confident we can replace capacitors. If the lcd screen is dead then it may be hopeless. This is the type of car he grew up driving. So he has sentiment for this one. Thanks also for the education about the proper nomenclature.
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    Vintage Car Clock

    Have a customer with a vintage Mustang model year 1979. There is purely electric clock with lcd screen and numerals. We repair electro-mechanical and purely mechanical clocks from cars but this is something in which we are not experienced. The clock is not functioning at all.
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    Hollow punches.

    No need to buy a set of punches, just a few will do. Also, an automatic centering punch is nice. What type of repair will you do? Reamers and broaches will be useful. Needle nose pliers and a small hammer are a must. Small hand files are nice.
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    Atmos Over Rotation

    Thank you so much! This one seems to be cured. The manual here seems to indicate the wrong part to watch. Watching the mainspring arbor seems to be where the "14" comes in to play. Even at this, the balance rotates quite a bit. Interestingly the pulley chain was put back in the same place it was...
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    Atmos Over Rotation

    Thanks again for the assistance. The 14 turns comes from the factory service manual. Section 8.1 "-Let down the mainspring and count the turns of the lower rachet wheel 4015 (approx 14)." Normally, we push the rear spring in until equilibrium is achieved on all Atmos clocks.
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    Atmos Over Rotation

    Rotating too much in this case, means the balance is turning enough so that the roller hits the fork at the end of the swing. This is about 630 degrees of turn. According to the manual I have, when letting down the mainspring, I should see 14 turns. This must mean turns of the winding arbor? I...
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    Atmos Over Rotation

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer. I have looked for hours on this forum. I have an Atmos Calibere 540 that I have cleaned and changed the suspension spring and now it is over rotating. Following suggestions on other threads, I have both opened and closed the fork. I have made sure the...

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