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  1. Patrick Brady

    So what do you collect?

    Bravo Clint! I admire your work, and we're all the better for your preservation of these stories.
  2. Patrick Brady

    Who sells these or how can I make this leather watch fob/cord?

    I hadn't thought of the shoelaces. In my case, I'd want leather, and they all tend to be rather thick. The best leather straps I've found are here: Double Loop Brown Leather Pocket Watch Fob 10 1/2 Inch Length Leather Alberts I've used the Esslinger strap quite a bit, and it works great as...
  3. Patrick Brady

    Watch you wear daily

    2nd vote for the 24-hour Roman numeral dial. Very classy.
  4. Patrick Brady

    My great grandfathers Waltham

    Congratulations on inheriting this fine piece of history. It's one that I personally haven't come across before. Quite elegant, in my opinion.
  5. Patrick Brady

    Elgin Veritas 23j

    Very fine Elgin Veritas you have there. I'm quite fond of mine as well, acquired just this year. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Elgin G.M. Wheeler private label class 4 grade 63

    Elgin G.M. Wheeler private label class 4 grade 63

  7. Elgin G.M. Wheeler private label class 4 grade 63

    Elgin G.M. Wheeler private label class 4 grade 63

  8. Patrick Brady

    George M Wheeler (AKA G.M. Wheeler) show them off

    This is one of my favorites. The uniqueness in the local Ohio connection, magnificent case, transitional key wind/stem wind, and lever set all make for a nice piece. I'm no expert, but here's what I know. Elgin 11 jewel, grade 63, class 4. Labeled J.B. Hudson, Washington Court House, Ohio.
  9. Patrick Brady

    Railroad Watches

    Speaking as a new member and someone who will benefit greatly from your tireless work, a big "thank you".
  10. Patrick Brady

    1860 Waltham

    Simply amazing. I have a real affinity for these 1860's watches too. Here's my model 1857, made in 1860. Rob has it running in top order.
  11. Patrick Brady

    Brand you collect most

    I hadn't really thought about the working conditions in quite that way, but you make some great points which make me appreciate these marvels even more. I got really lucky (I think) in finding a model 1857 P.S. Bartlett from 1860 in very good condition. Took some work from my watchmaker to get...
  12. Patrick Brady

    Miss You Dad!

    Powerful family memory. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this piece of history.
  13. Patrick Brady

    Brand you collect most

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm encouraged to know this journey has a winding path for others as well. I've learned there are many treasures in all the American brands - for example, like John I'm a big fan of 3 finger bridges.
  14. Patrick Brady

    Brand you collect most

    The post on Factory Hamilton Cases got me thinking about my short collecting journey. I'm new to pocket watches and went into it thinking I'd be collecting mostly Hamilton RR grades. My first was a Hamilton 950 bought at an estate jewelry store in Charleston, SC. It was a random find that set me...
  15. Patrick Brady

    Time on the go

    Thanks guys, a warm welcome indeed. I'm humbled by your insight and thoughtful responses. I will have a grand time getting to know everyone.
  16. Patrick Brady

    Time on the go

    First post here, and I have to say I've really enjoyed reading the thread. In the short time I've been collecting pocket watches every collector without exception has suggested I join NAWCC, and here I am. Been a wrist watch collector for many years but have simply lost interest in mass produced...

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