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  1. wrobbie

    Bergeon crown winder?

    Does anyone here have experience with crown winders, to help winding irritatingly sharp, narrow or tiny crowns? The usual type seems to be a all-metal body and serrated collet which I imagine is not very friendly to the crown's plating. Bergeon sells a rubber-tipped one, but I can't find a...
  2. wrobbie

    Mystery tools..

    I've got a little box with some mystery tools in it that I got at a watch fair in Holland along with a bunch of other boxes containing cylinder related punches etc. The box in question has four hardened rods, each with a hole drilled in them and a brass cap. The largest is something like 8mm...
  3. wrobbie

    Roamer Brevete stem issues.

    I've got at Roamer Brevete watch that I bought with crown and stem missing (and a heap of other issues). The case is an odd two part waterproof design where the movement comes out through the front, and a split stem is used. I've obtained two more junk MST movements (371, mine is 372) and...
  4. wrobbie

    Exeter pocket watch identification

    Hi all, I have a pocket watch that I can't identify using the bestfit books or the internet. It's ~16 ligne, 15 jewel, stamped with the A.Michel (AM) logo. On the dial is the word 'Exeter'. The only thing I managed to do is find the AM logo in the bestfit books. Any ideas where else I...
  5. wrobbie

    Unknown gauge..

    Hi all, I bought this gauge at a watch/clock fair in Holland, without thinking too much. Anyone know what this actually is? The smallest hole is number 80. I forgot to place a ruler next to it; from memory #80 is ~0.2mm, #1 is ~8mm or so. Cheers! Rob
  6. wrobbie

    Mainspring winders recommendation?

    Hi, I've been using a mainspring winder which looks somewhat like the one below (picture taken from an eBay auction). It has two major deficiencies: - It can only wind clockwise (or ccw, I don't remember) - There is too much slop between the push-pieces and their walls, so that sometimes...
  7. wrobbie

    Unkonw clamping tool.

    Hi all, Does anyone know that the tool below is called (a screenshot from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoV7phNVBu8). It's a hand-held vise for working on small parts. I'd like to keep an eye out for one on ebay, but I don't know what to search for. Alternatively, a simpler model...
  8. wrobbie

    Carriage clock cylinder.

    Hi all, I've been working on a crusty old carriage clock that I bought last year at a watch-fair in Holland. I have no idea of its age / make.. On inspection, the main problem is that the balance cylinder bottom half is completely snapped off (and the lower jewel is smashed). It seems...
  9. wrobbie

    English PW Fusee disassembly.

    Hi all, The fusee of a verge pocket watch I'm working on has a rather gummy ratchet action. I'd like to disassemble it in order to clean it properly, but I can't figure out how to do that. See attachments for pictures of top and bottom (the stop-piece is removed). All I can find in literature...
  10. wrobbie

    Unknown suspension (to me, that is)

    Hi all, Please see attachments for a partially assembled clock movement that I'm working on. I normally focus on watches, and am unfamiliar with the pendulum suspension in this clock. I assume the large brass knob is involved with timing somehow.. Perhaps some sort of wire suspension, that can...
  11. wrobbie

    Ink roller for timing machine.

    Hi, I've got a nice old 'Timegrapher' timing machine of the vacuum tube / helical drum / synchronous motor type. Google doesn't know about this machine, strangely enough. It uses a spongy roller to ink the helix drum, and this ink roller has gone completely hard and crusty. It disintegrates...

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