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    WTB Hamilton 18s Minute Hand like the one in this photo and 18s Rockford Minute wheel

    I would like to buy a matching minute hand to match the hour hand in the attached photo of a Hamilton 928. If no one has the minute hand I would consider buying a pair of old style hands. I do not want spade or moon hands. Thank you. Also looking to purchase a minute wheel for a Rockford 18...
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    Searching for Hamilton s/n 15452

    I am searching for Hamilton s/n 15452. It is a 937. I can buy it or I have a running Hamilton 937 s/n 133641 I can trade. I am trying to complete a set of 3. I have s/n 15451 and 15453. Thank you, Harry
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    2x2 Clear Hard Plastic Storage Container

    I have Google to my hearts content and I can not find the 2"x2"x 1/4" ID clear hard plastic storage/shipping/display containers that a lot of collectors use to ship their pocket watch dials. These 2x2 containers have a foam insert in them. I have a lot of near mint dials I would like to protect...
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    Mianspring Winder Robbins Type

    Hello everyone, I have acquired a mainspring winder (Robbins Type) No. 126 with barrel # 2,3,4,5,6, and 7. They range from .395 to .624. It is manufactured by Kendrick and Davis Co. Lebanon, N.H. It did not have any instructions on how to use it. Before I try the old trial and error method...
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    American PW I need a Hampden 18s 1722, or #54 3/4 DR balance staff

    I could use a Hampden 18s #1722 (old # 54 3/4) DR balance staff or complete balance assembly. Can't find either on Ebay, Dashto, or the Watchdoc. If anyone has any leads on where to find either of these parts please let me know. Thank you, Harry
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    I information on where to find a part.

    Does anyone know where I might find a complete balance assembly for a 21 jewel Dueber 18s model 3 DR. Thank you, Harry
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    Hamilton PW Dial with on hole for second hand?

    I found an old Hamilton metal dial in with all my old dials and it is a little odd to me. It does not have the small hole in the 6 o'clock position. So there is no second hand on the watch that it is suppose to go on. It looks like a 16s or an 18s dial. It has 3 feet. Does anyone know what model...
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    Electric WW NEED a Open Face Hamilton 18s Dial for a 940

    Hello everyone, I got so much go help on repairing my 974 I thought I would ask for some more help. I am looking for an open face 18s dial to fit a 940. The one I have has a few hairlines so I am looking for a reasonably priced 940 dial. The one i have has roman numerals but I would prefer the...
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    I would like to thank a few members

    A few weeks ago I started a tread that was titled "Hamilton 974 running way to fast". It is running perfect now with out sending it off to have a watch repairman repair it. Part of my resolution to the problem was to learn what I needed to learn in order to repair the watch myself. I will admit...
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    Hamilton 974 running way to fast.

    Hi I'm new here and I have a question about a Hamilton 974. It had a bad balance staff, upper and lower balance jewel hole, and a bad hairspring. I replaced the balance staff, and both jewels. I could not find a hairspring so I took one of a Hamilton 972 with a bad balance staff but had a good...
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    Hamilton size 16 dial with no second hole

    Hello everyone, Please forgive me if this information is already available but I'm new and a search did not turn up anything. I received a lot of metal dials with some other things and I found an old size 16 Hamilton metal dial. It is basically a metal color with some scratches on it with...

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