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  1. coronado

    Elgin Father Time 14K

    I recently got a collection of wristwatches, plus a few pocket watches. I didn't examine all the pocket watches closely at first and was pleasantly surprised to find this Father Time in a 14K Keystone case.
  2. coronado

    Solid Gold Elgin In a “Book Box”

    Your watch is a Streamline 2247 from around 1938. Picture from the 1938 Elgin catalog is attached below. Elgin used your book-shaped box on select platinum and solid gold Lord Elgin models (but not all), with the catalog description noting that the watches came in an "attractive presentation...
  3. coronado

    Hamilton 987S

    Your watch is a "Sentinel" and not a "Secometer" and dates from 1942 to around 1945. The "Sentinel" with that dial option is first listed in the Hamilton Price List for 1942, see image below. It is not shown in the 1946 Price List with that dial, only with a gold numeral dial. The watch was...
  4. coronado

    Lord Elgin 'Elvis' Direct Read Watch

    I've serviced many of these. They are great movements, quite ingenious. Ideally, for top performance, you would want an original plastic minute disk, which would need to be salvaged from another watch. I've used some of the reproduction disks but more times than not have found them to be a...
  5. coronado

    Time Capsule: Alaska Gold Rush Pioneer & His Lord Elgin Watch

    I've serviced thousands of Elgin wristwatches. These movements are well-constructed and easy to work on. I can certainly do it, but any watchmaker with a supply of mainsprings and parts for vintage American watches can do it. If you can't find someone local, please let me know.
  6. coronado

    Time Capsule: Alaska Gold Rush Pioneer & His Lord Elgin Watch

    Lutro's watch is a Lord Elgin Model 4505. It was introduced around 1941 and was sold through the late 1940s. The watch in the advertisement you pictured is a slightly different one... a Model 4504. But they are very similar, both have hooded lugs. What a neat story, great research. Here is the...
  7. coronado

    Hamilton serials and dating

    For Hamilton, the J prefix doesn't stand for any numbers in the serial number. It is just a letter that Hamilton assigned to the 982 grade. There is a serial number list under the "Research" section (tab at the top of the NAWCC page), then go to "Company Records," then to "Lowell Halligan...
  8. coronado

    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    Lord Elgin Corsican in 14K green gold with platinum overlay.
  9. coronado

    Recased 14k Lord Elgin?

    Your watch is a Lord Elgin Streamline Model 2803 from around 1939. It is a factory-cased watch. It is a scarce model.

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