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  1. BenJB

    American PW What makes my Hampden PW 18s.. Clunk!

    Just bought a beautiful gold Hampden Pocket watch 18s. Its a bit loud and when I hold it with the 3 in the downward postion the watch goes, "clunk, clunk, clunk,..." and seens to slow a bit. Can you tell me what's making that noise? Can it be fixed or adjusted? I'm planning to take it in to the...
  2. BenJB

    Is it worth fixing? Longines RR (1907)

    My Ebay purchase turned out to be a (1907) Longines Express Leader 18s 19j adj to 5 postions, serial 2044472, dial bold roman numerals marked "J.A. Couture, Thetford Mines, P.Q. (both on dial and movement.) Its in a large silveroid case with a stag in gold on back. I need a new balance staff...

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