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    Please help identify this magnificent clock

    Thanks for the definition.
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    Please help identify this magnificent clock

    Royce what are you calling spring shoulders? The spring under the hammer? That's a new term for me. Thanks.
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    English Fusee

    I've seen the name Cuss on 31 day Chinese clocks.
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    Crazy little clock

    Gravley Furniture owned Ridgeway clocks at one time.
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    Help to Identify Vintage Wind UpShelf Clock

    The Barrells look to be Chinese.
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    Home made bushing tool

    You might want to verify your nomemclature. Pinion or a pivot. Pinions usually don't snap off. Just checking?
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    Looking to identify clock movement

    Looks like a New Haven movement.
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    LC or LG

    Looks like a Mauthe to me. Only maker I know who had the chimes on right side rear of movement.
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    Air Bag jack for GF clocks

    Can anyone make a round one long enough to straighten dented weight shells?
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    Air Bag jack for GF clocks

    I bought something similar at Lowe's hardware.
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    Maker of this art-deco clock?

    Only German movement I've seen with barrells flanged on main wheel was made by HAC.
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    Kieninger 6 day, 7 hour wall clock????

    I have an Ethan Allen clock with similar issues. I found some smaller weights (length wise) that weighted enough to run movement. It now makes 7 days easilly
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    Tubular 5 chime movement

    Pretty sure it's a Jauch.
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    American Help identify grandfather clock movement

    Looks like an old Urgos movement. Check the back of movement for stamped numbers.
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    HELP! Need help identifying ridgeway grandfather clock

    Ridgeway was purchased by Howard Miller and all old records were lost. They are only a few catalogs in circulation. Good Luck on search!
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Thanks for the photos now at least I know what to look for!
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Any chance you could post a closeup photo of the star pendulum. I have a customer who's is missing the top and I need to know what to look for. Thanks.
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    Suggestions for letting mainspring power down

    Here's the photo of the device I use to let power off mainsprings. Just remove suspension spring and pendulum and set qtz swinger do it's thing. Works while I'm out on house calls.

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