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  1. Kal532

    EUREKA! What a find

    Hello Rudi and all the others on here interested in Eureka clocks, you can find some information about several kinds of clocks at: Album: All Makers for free. At the left of the side there is a register, where you can find "Eureka" with some sub-folders. Regards, Norbert
  2. Kal532

    Atmos 532

    Hello new_hampster, your argument seems quite reasonable; since type D was apparently introduced only from 1966 onwards and the last Atmos IV (522/532) were made most certainly before that date, at least "CD" instead of "D" should be indicated in the corresponding field of the table. Thank you...
  3. Kal532

    20th c After 1900 Atmos II Questions: Dating/Calibre

    Hello all, I have an Atmos II with serial numbers 9662 on the movement plate and 10762 on top. The clock has been restored, meaning the case, bellows case and dial have been newly nickel plated or refurbished. This probably does not exactly match the original finish and may be shocking to...
  4. Kal532

    Atmos 532

    Unfortunately, I made a mistake in the description myself: Instead of - fine adjustment by means of a lever under the dial it should of course read: - Fine adjustment by means of a lever (above the dial). - Locking lever under the dial. Thank you.
  5. Kal532

    Atmos 532

    Hello altogether, I would like to present my Atmos caliber 532 here; maybe this will also serve to complete the databases. It is an Atmos with the serial number 72101. The following specifics of the Atmos with caliber 532 described in J. Lebet "Living on air" fit: - Pivot door - Movement plate...
  6. Kal532

    20th c After 1900 Reutter Atmos: K2 and General

    Reutter Atmos K2 Questions: For the Reutter Atmos model K2, I have seen in internet accessible pictures of clocks for sale, etc., that there are different designs of the hands and balance wheel: a) slim hands (SN 337, 350) and bulbous hands (SN 78, 344, 1467, 6248); see pictures attached. b)...

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