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  1. Paul Madden

    Cutting grooves for regulator winding drums; Any suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into purchasing a lathe for clock construction at the moment, and as I would like to make weight driven clocks in the future, I'm considering to already buy a lathe which has a lead screw for thread cutting. My question to forum members is; Do you have any...
  2. Paul Madden

    Advice on suitable lacquers and waxes for brass clock components

    Hi everyone, I've started to research different methods to prevent brass clock components from tarnishing, specifically the plates, bridges and non-functional surfaces of wheels. There appear to be two main methods; applying a clear lacquer or using a carnauba wax after polishing. I guess...
  3. Paul Madden

    Recommendations for preparing brine solution for quenching

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in preparing my own brine solution for quenching small carbon steel tools and steel clock components. Tubal Cain recommends using "vacuum-dried salt" as used by farmers to make butter, and also indicates a ratio of 80 - 100 g per liter of water (Workshop Practice...
  4. Paul Madden

    Yahoo Horology Group. Are any NAWCC Clock Construction members part of this group?

    Hello everyone, I was looking at the home page of the horology-matters@yahoogroups.com, and I was wondering if this group has a specific sub-group for clock construction, or has regular posts by their members which are in this direction? From what I can see, it is a restricted group, and...
  5. Paul Madden

    Recommendations for best CAD programs suitable for clock construction

    Hello everyone, I have just recently joined the NAWCC, and this is my very first post on this forum. I am just starting out in clock construction, and my goal in future is to construct skeleton clocks in traditional materials such as brass and steel. My primary interest is in skeleton table...

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