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    Ansonia Savoy Pendulum beat count

    Hello Anyone know the beat count of pendulum from (micro set) beat book? Cant figure which one it is. Cast Iron rear pendulum 8 day mantle clock Thanks
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    Unique Pliers ID What is it?

    Hello Anyone recognize these pliers? Picked up at flea market with Bulova ring sizing machine (no instructions for it either) just had not seen either before. So I bought them Thanks in advance Gary
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    Mantel Cuckoo Clock ID

    Hello Just got this. Anyone recognize movement or clock. Pretty safe to say it’s German. Thanks in advance for your comments
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    20th c Elgin 559 21J mainspring

    Hello I need the part number for Elgin559 21j wristwatch Thanks in advance
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    French Carriage Clock id and date

    need Help identifying maker and manufacturing date or this clock Thanks in advance GaryG
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    AntiqueChronograph ID

    Hello Help identifying Chronograph maker. Valjoux 22 mov’t. Just seeing if anyone may recognize the maker. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
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    Vintage Chronograph ID

    Hello Anyone help identify this movement? 31.9mm Thanks in advance
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    Chronograph ID

    Hello Anyone recognize this old Chronograph movement? Thank you Gary
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    Vintage Movado Triple Calender Watch

    Hello Need calendar hands for this watch. Anyone have suggestions? Great watch just missing the 2 calendar hands Thanks in advance Gary G
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    Movado Triple Calender 1950's

    Hello Need some help with reassembly of calender wheels and springs on this watch Movement. Movado Cal 155 Movement. If some one has experience with this I would appreciate your assistance. I can post photos if someone can help. Or please email me direct. Thanks Gary
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    Seth Thomas 86F Suspension

    Hello I need a suspension Spring for an 86F ST spring driven movement. Its in a Cinncinati Time Recorder Co. Clock Would appreciate suggestions on where to find. Also will a ST No.2 suspension spring work?? Thanks In advance
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    Seiko 16J High Beat Quartz Desk Clock

    Hello everybody i am trying to find instruction manual or (information) for Seiko 16J High Beat Quartz Desk Clock. Pretty unusual clock. Older clock maybe 60's or 80's. No Luck with Seiko instrument who took over Seiko clocks. If you have seen this clock you would remember. Thanks GaryG
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    French Large French Chalk Figural clock

    Hello I have had no luck researching this old clock. The name in French is (The King) Perhaps a jewelry store Regulator? Some type of advertising? Welcome your comments. Many thank in advance
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    Hello Just purchased this clock. Came home put in a new suspension spring and it took off. Amazing. LOL These hardly ever work for me with out cleaning. One reason I bought I have never seen the taller 4 ball kundo clocks with this dial. The movement is a 1952 model according to the book. I...
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    American (Info Please) Clock type ID

    Hello Cannot get photo to load. (sorry) Friend has a clock with 2 winding arbors, 2 mainsprings . Time only with a balance wheel, appearing to be driven by both. Sits at top of movement. Either French or German I think. Mantel clock. Info on what type of clock this might be would be...
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    American Identify NOS Clock Movement

    Hello Would appreciate input on what type movement this is. I believe never used. Only writing is 88 and made in USA on front plate. I assume mounting bracket goes with it. Thank you
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    American Sangamo Electric Clock movement ID

    Cannot find anything on this Old movement. Appears some type of time, or timing clock. Any help or info on ID appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Hairspring making tool

    Estate find from long time member. It was mentioned it a Was used to make hairsprings. Comments? Thank you
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    FHS Hermle Movement ID

    Cannot find anything on this Grandfather clock movement (I Think) Dial has date , month and something else in Germany Nice old movement Any comments would be appreciated Thanks
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    Replace lost ring that holds back on screw back wristwatch

    Hello Anyone ever lose a ring that holds the back on a wristwatch?. In this case a Longines auto. Any tips or suggestions to find or replace this part would be greatly appreciated, Just thought I would throw it out there. You never Know Thanks in advance

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