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  1. Literustyfan

    The Depollier Family Plot Headstone has Finally been Completed

    I have some absolutely wonderful news to share today! As all of you probably already knew Charles Leon Depollier is my absolute favorite figure from horological history. Charles L. Depollier invented and manufactured the world's first waterproof wrist watch that actually worked back in 1918. It...
  2. Literustyfan

    The WWI US Army Watch Purchase Contract Numbers have been FOUND!

    I have some pretty exciting news to share! After 13 YEARS of research I have finally found the US Army contract numbers for purchases made from the major watch movement manufacturers during the WWI years, 1917 - 1919! I know of MANY collectors and researchers that have been searching for this...
  3. Literustyfan

    What Ever Happened to DEPOLLIER and his Waterproof Wrist Watch Case Designs?

    So, what ever happened to Charles Depollier and his waterproof watch case designs ? ? ? ? ? ? Depollier and his design team gave us some of the most iconic watches and rapid leaps forward in technology during the Great War years. His case designs speak for themselves and they usually sell for...
  4. Literustyfan

    1918 WWI Illinois Trench Watch, Probably the COOLEST one EVER!

    I just picked up what is probably the coolest WWI trench watch that I've ever seen! This is a 1918 WWI Illinois Trench Watch in 100% original condition. I just finished putting it all back together this morning, ONLY mechanical repairs were done to this incredible piece of history. This...
  5. Literustyfan

    VERY STRANGE Waltham Movement!

    A couple of months ago when we flew out to the NAWCC Del Mar Regional Watch Show I bought several watches, parts and orphan movements. I finally got around to taking a close look at one of the orphan movements that I bought at the show over this past weekend. I found it in a bin full of...
  6. Literustyfan

    FAKE WWI Depollier Waterproof Watches now being made!

    Very SAD news to report! The guy who is making the FAKE WWII B.U. Ships Waterproof Watches has now moved onto making FAKE WWI Depollier Waterproof Watches! When I saw the listing it honestly turned my stomach. Some might think that what is is doing is fine but just stop and think about the...
  7. Literustyfan

    Depollier "Black Finish" Independant Laboratory Test Results

    A couple of weeks ago the NAWCC Museum and I decided to send out the museum's Depollier Waterproof Case with the black finish for independent laboratory testing. This would not have been possible without the assistance of several key people. First and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Noel...
  8. Literustyfan

    Waltham Depollier Waterproof Watches.........................

    Hey guys! Now that "Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War" has gone to print I have started writing another book, Waltham Trench Watches this time. I am in need of some assistance with some pictures of the Waltham Depollier Waterproof & Dustproof watches. WALTHAM movements in these...
  9. Literustyfan

    The Lost Silent Film of the Elgin National Watch Company

    Hey guys! I just came across something VERY COOL ! ! ! This is a formerly lost silent film about the Elgin National Watch Company circa 1931. It's about 23 minutes long and it goes through the entire process of making an Elgin watch movement! It's one thing to see old black and white still...
  10. Literustyfan

    Horotec DeMagnet Pro, Very expensive tool with very poor results.

    Hey guys! A few days ago I bought a new top of the line demagnetizer, was not too happy with the old one. Anyway, it arrived in today's mail, the Horotec DeMagnet Pro. This piece of equipment is rather expensive at $300.00 and for that kind of price tag I expected MUCH better results...
  11. Literustyfan

    Trench Watch Cases w/ Integrated Shrapnel Guards, Need Help!

    Hey guys! I have come across not one but TWO Fahys trench watch cases that have the integrated snap on shrapnel guards. The one on the right is Oresilver and the one on the left is sterling silver, both are the bigger size 0s cases. Here is my problem. It looks like somebody over the years...
  12. Literustyfan

    I Need to Make a Soldering Repair to a Silverode Trench Watch Case

    Good morning! I have a 1917 Elgin Trench Watch, nice and big size 6s. It's cased in a Philadelphia "Silverode" case that has a bit of lug damage that I need to repair. Take a look at the first picture, on the top of the lugs near the 5 and 7 positions on the dial you can see a couple of...
  13. Literustyfan

    American PW Having trouble with correct timing on a 1918 Elgin

    I'm working on a 1918 Elgin Trench Watch, 7 jewels, grade 463, sn 21311010. When I got the watch about a week ago it was not running and very dirty. It has been cleaned. It keeps good time while flat on the bench but in different positions it looses time. What should I check next to fix this...
  14. Literustyfan

    Rolex Eaton Trench Watch ? ? ?

    I bought a junk lot of watches for some parts that I needed and this trench watch was part of the lot. It's a size 0s with 17 jewels, gold center wheel and jewel settings. It reads "The T Eaton Company Limited", this was a Canadian department store back in the day and I read that they had...
  15. Literustyfan

    Restored Elgin & 9k Waltham are Gone.

    I am having serious doubts about the Royal Mail in the UK. Sense Thanksgiving they have stolen/lost two watches and nobody seems to know where they are right now even though they were sent the MOST secure way possible, USPS Registered Mail w/ signature required and Royal Mail small packets w/...
  16. Literustyfan

    Very Rare 1915 Elgin, 3/0s with 17 Jewels, Lack of Information

    I am currently working on a very rare 1915 Elgin, size 3/0s, grade 423, serial number 18628019 with 17 jewels and it's the 19th one ever made. I am having trouble finding information on this movement. The Elgin database states that the run quantity was 1,000 but it also states that the Elgin...
  17. Literustyfan

    American PW Balance Wheel Timing Screws, Shaving Down for Perfect Timing

    I have been working on a couple of Elgins in the past weeks (1915 Elgin, 3/0s, 17 jewels and a 1904 Elgin, 0s, 19 jewels) and I could not seem to get the timing "dead on" correct. I tried changing out several of the balance wheel screws for different sizes to see if that would work but it did...
  18. Literustyfan

    Need help deciding what movement to use, project nearly finished.

    I went a bit overboard on my latest project. I have been working on this one for three months now and it is all about to come together. I had it all together several months ago and decided that I did not like it so I started making changes. One thing led to another and then it was taken apart...

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