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  1. Brett Berry

    Lenzkirch spring wall clock, oak fretwork case, circa 1880

    My most recent purchase is a Lenzkirch wall clock with a spring movement. Based upon the table by George Everett, the serial number places this movement to circa 1880. I have not found this model depicted in catalogs, books or on the internet. If anyone has a photograph or catalog illustration...
  2. Brett Berry

    Herschede - Pattern No. 146

    My wife's Christmas present to me was this Herschede Hall Clock, Pattern No. 146, in Mahogany. It has a Winterhalder and Hofmeier 9 tube movement and is fitted with Herschede's ornate three vial mercurial pendulum. The clock is in unmolested original, running, condition. It's 99 inches high, 29...

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