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  1. Keith Conklin

    Kienzle Age and Specs.

    Hi All, I picked this clock up at the national last month. I am pretty sure I have a Kienzle, but I am not certain of age. Also, is the silver dial typical? Lastly, any help with main and suspension spring specifications would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Keith Conklin

    Help With Identification

    Hi All, my wife fell in love with this clock she found in Facebook. I went to look at it with rather low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. I am unable to find any information on the maker. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Keith Conklin

    $ Estate Sale Clock Find

    Hi Guys, My son in law's brother recently acquired this clock at an estate sale. Can anyone help with value and or information? Thanks
  4. Keith Conklin

    Wheel Fabrication

    Hi All, I picked up this interesting little Gilbert at the Chapter 8 mart a few weeks back. I cant find a rack and snail movement like this on ebay. Just an aside, they are some real great folks, my wife and I spent a wonderful day with them! I would like to get a new strike side main wheel...
  5. Keith Conklin

    Old Tool Question

    What was/is this tool used for?
  6. Keith Conklin

    Clock Setting Question

    Hi All, Ever since I bought my first 400 say clock and was instructed that one should never move the minute hand backward by more than a small amount. I have held to this idea religiously with all of my clocks 400-Day and otherwise. I must confess that despite working on my three 400-Day clocks...
  7. Keith Conklin

    An Exciting Find

    Hi All, I have been reading the forum posts for a while now and I just want to say how proud I am to be a member of NAWCC. Compared with other forums the people here are truly gentlemen and the comradery and professionalism are really refreshing. That being said, I think I have stumbled on...

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