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    Newly Acquired Anglo American

    Just picked this up today along with a Seth Thomas 1895 Mantle clock. The framework is in fairly good condition. The glass swing out door needs a clasp, The glass itself is not original I don't think, with a few brass spring clamps to hold it is missing. No key, but pendulum is with it. Faux...
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    New Haven Crutch question...

    Hi gang....I have been working on this New Haven typical movement (mantle clock circa 1929) and have assembled the run side a couple of times. In the pics you'll notice that the crutch is square. 2 of the pics show it's shape as received (or I think so), however, looking down at the crutch loop...
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    Head scratcher here....Need ID of make and such

    Inquiring for a person who just acquired this clock. Looks to be very high quality build and the movement is one I've never seen before of that design. In the lower left corner of the movement you can barely make out the word "Patented" 1880's something. No other mark could befound including a...
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    Spring clamp woes...

    Hello folks! As a novice clock repair hobbyist, one of the tools I really need is a spring winder. Since I haven't got mine yet (deciding to build one, maybe) I had to make a very, very simple setup to wind the spring on the wheel and clamp it, but that's another story. After I was able to wind...
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    What exactly are these for?

    Hey folks...first ever post here. I am working on a New Haven Tambour #56 Mantle clock (circa 1929) with a typical New Haven movement. This is basically the first WH movement I've worked on and was curious as to what these are. See pics. They seem to help in restricting movement of the pivots...

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