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    Ansonia Mantle Clock

    I don't use wire, but I do use zip ties. Never had one fail when spring is fully wound. I do use rings, however, sometimes during assembly (on some movements) my round ring will ride hard/preload on the adjacent gear/lantern. I then use a zip tie around a post to pull back the spring with clamp...
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    Is this Hermle FHS movement and how old is it?

    Somewhat reminiscent of early 50's Junghans type style dial.
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    Seth Thomas Prospect 0 strike mechanism screwed up.....

    I just finished assembling a #89 and a #44 ST movement. The strike train needs to be sequenced and in the correct position before the plates are put together. I had the same problem you did. I followed Conovers book on ST movements. Basically I made sure that the count lever was in a deep slot...
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    How to repaint the numbers on a brass clock dial

    The cork idea does work, but it has to be flat and the right diameter. I used Windsor and Newton Inks. Black, White, Gold and Silver are all opaque (non-transparent). The trick is to "dampen" the cork...a very thin layer. Apply it squarely on your target. Apply straight down, then come off it...
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    Help with a Clock

    Saw one of these in an antique shop in Anacortes, Wa. 2 weeks ago. Owner got it in an estate auction. He had the model with the Eagle on top and was asking $300. I was back in there looking at another clock when I noticed that the German clock was gone. Owner said he sold it just a couple of...
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    Pivot polishing with a Dremel?

    I use a Dremel with the Dremel work stand. Can be used as a drill press and then you can flip it 90° with different size collets on the Dremel for different size arbors and such. Works real well in my opinion.
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    Newly Acquired Anglo American

    Just picked this up today along with a Seth Thomas 1895 Mantle clock. The framework is in fairly good condition. The glass swing out door needs a clasp, The glass itself is not original I don't think, with a few brass spring clamps to hold it is missing. No key, but pendulum is with it. Faux...
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    New Haven Crutch question...

    Sorry...I should have mentioned (my bad) that it is NOT working well. Pendulum is definitely swinging too far to the right when looking straight at it. The escapement will stop. I did tilt it way to the left and it ran longer. That's why I was wondering about the angle of the crutch loop.
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    New Haven Crutch question...

    Hi gang....I have been working on this New Haven typical movement (mantle clock circa 1929) and have assembled the run side a couple of times. In the pics you'll notice that the crutch is square. 2 of the pics show it's shape as received (or I think so), however, looking down at the crutch loop...
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    Head scratcher here....Need ID of make and such

    Inquiring for a person who just acquired this clock. Looks to be very high quality build and the movement is one I've never seen before of that design. In the lower left corner of the movement you can barely make out the word "Patented" 1880's something. No other mark could befound including a...
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    Mantle clock stops Checked beat,

    At first glance at the pic here...It looks to me that there are several bushings need attention. The main (time) wheel looks worn as does the 2nd wheel, 3rd wheel and the escape wheel. Betting there are others on the front side as well. Methinks this movement needs an overhaul.
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    Spring clamp woes...

    I actually did that today...very carefully. Got some great ideas today from here. Thanks everyone.
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    Spring clamp woes...

    Thanks....I have that in mind in the future.
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    Spring clamp woes...

    Yes. Those are the clamps I was thinking of. Thanks!!
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    Spring clamp woes...

    Thanks Tim for your response. After posting my dilemma I loaded the spring again on my makeshift spring winder and this time I held the clamp in a position for less tail once the tension was being held. That did it. I was able to get the spring wheel on the movement with barely any preload...
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    Spring clamp woes...

    Hello folks! As a novice clock repair hobbyist, one of the tools I really need is a spring winder. Since I haven't got mine yet (deciding to build one, maybe) I had to make a very, very simple setup to wind the spring on the wheel and clamp it, but that's another story. After I was able to wind...
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    What exactly are these for?

    All dates have the same scribe initials of "PF then the date, except the the one from 1950 which has different initials and the date format is different. After that there are no records with the clock. The antique dealer bought this at an estate sale a few years ago as is. The seller told the...
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    What exactly are these for?

    Oh. You mean like this? Sad.
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    What exactly are these for?

    Yeah, I see what you mean. The dates could very well be when they were brought in for tune ups/maintenance. Initials of the dates are the same except the one for 1950. The movement is actually in fair condition.
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    What exactly are these for?

    Yes...I believe this clock was repaired a very long time ago. There are 4 inscribed dates of repair on the both plates dates are: 1932, 1945, 1947 and 1950. Nothing after that. This clock sat inert for at least 60+ years. The strike train still could work if wound. The time train was frozen...

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