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  1. Logan2468

    1 of 5?! Art Deco Cartier queen of hearts domino gambling 18k lapel watch NEED HELP

    Hello all! Before you comment with "it's not marked" please read my description here. It's quite the story and worth the read. According to a Cartier book written by Hans Nadelhoffer, jewelry appraiser for Christies in the 80's, I have found out some very interesting information. Just one...
  2. Logan2468

    Antique skeleton fusee clock original or repro? Help!!

    Ok so I need some info on this. An extraordinary Fusee skeleton clock. What I need to know IS IT ORIGINAL OR A REPRO? The dial may be Sterling silver but I'm not sure. The bell is silver looking as well and even has pitting indicating age. On the plates in the 5th picture you can see file marks...
  3. Logan2468

    Antique Chinese Duplex painted dial Automaton Pocket Watch HELP!! LOOK!

    Hello all! I recently purchased this antique Chinese duplex automaton pocket watch. I have never seen a Chinese duplex with two automations on it. Better yet I have never seen a Chinese automaton pocket watch with any automations at all! They both work perfectly. One is a windmill automation...
  4. Logan2468

    Did Thomas Thompion and Edward Banger produce watches with Turkish dials??? Info!

    Hello all once again! I unfortunately do not have any pictures but did Thomas Thompion and Edward Banger make watches for the Turkish market? The watch im looking at purchasing has a Turkish unsigned champleve dial and a nice tortoise shell case. Any info is appreciated! Regards, Logan
  5. Logan2468

    Illinois 17 jewel Bunn 24hr dial dual time zones

    Here's my new Illinois 17 jewel Bunn with 2 time zones and a 24 hour dial! It's sitting with my Hamilton 992 RR watch with bar over crown case. Let me know what yall think! Regards, logan
  6. Logan2468

    Any info on this Veuve C. Vacheron movement???

    Hello all! I recently acquired this antique Veuve C. Vacheron pocket watch movenent. What do I have here? I know it's around the 1870's and something about a widow but that's all I know. Any info is appreciated!!
  7. Logan2468

    AAnyone ever hear of Roger & Cie??? Help!

    Picked up this movement at pawn shop and I'm curious to what it is! I know it's swiss but it's Roger & Cie. I know there's Lecoultre & Cie and Patek Phillipe & Cie I'm just wondering if this is anything good or just junk. Any info is appreciated!!!
  8. Logan2468

    Vintage solid 14k glycine in unusual case and hourglass dial for $1!!

    last yard sale of the day and I asked if they had any old watches. Long story short I got this for $1!!
  9. Logan2468

    Ladies Longines in 14k EP case and solid 14k band 40 grams for $1! :D

    Bought this and a few other watches including a couple cheap ladies elgin watches and a nice solid gold pocket watch chain for $5. The longines weighed 40 grams without the movement in case. Just sold it yesterday for $725!
  10. Logan2468

    Famous maker verge fusee??? Berle Barton Woolton #47

    Here's a verge fusee that I bought at the national in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It runs perfect and considering the price I'm very pleased with it. The name is Berle? Barton Woolton. The watch dated to 1757 and I'm just wondering it this was a famous maker back in the day. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  11. Logan2468

    Cheapest Atmos buy possibly ever??!!! READ!

    Hello all! I would like to share with you my newest acquisition while exploring the dusty rows of a flea market. Yes this is a 1950's Jaeger Lecoultre atmos clock. I don't know if I should even say what I payed for it as most of you may need to take an aspirin and lie down for awhile! Yes the...
  12. Logan2468

    Posting out of pure interest. Cheapest atmos EVER?!

    Hello all! I would like to share with you my newest acquisition while exploring the dusty rows of a flea market. Yes this is a 1950's Jaeger Lecoultre atmos clock. I don't know if I should even say what I payed for it as most of you may need to take an aspirin and lie down for awhile! Yes the...
  13. Logan2468

    Would like to know the age of a W. Robinson Liverpool fusee movement

    Hello all! Would like to know possibly the year of my W. Robinson Liverpool movement. It says Patent on the balance cock and is engraved with a floral pattern. Also the serial number is 27232. It has a very large diamond end stone and garnet jewel settings. Runs great! Any information is greatly...
  14. Logan2468

    Antique blind mans verge fusee pocket watch age????

    Hello all! I recently picked up this very unusual painted dial verge fusee made for a blind man. I don't believe the hands to be original as they're very delicate. I don't know what year this may be but I would love to know. It has square pillars and a very nice hinged engraved spring loaded...
  15. Logan2468

    Does anyone know who the founder of the aurora watch company was??? And accomplices?

    Hello all! I would like to know who the founder of the aurora watch company was. Also I would appreciate a list of his accomplices I guess you could say. Initials and all because I have a very large aurora pocket watch and believe it could have been owned by one of the men who started aurora or...
  16. Logan2468

    Vintage 1888 aurora watch company 12.4 oz coin silver any info????

    Hello all. I recently purchased this vintage 1888 Aurora pocket watch. I have never in my life seen a pocket watch so big. The case with its double link chain is 12.4 ounces. Without it's chain it weighs 11.4 ounces. With the movement out of the case it weight 9.2 ounces. I'm beginning to think...
  17. Logan2468

    Verge fusee pocket watch. Know the name?

    Hello all my fellow horologists! I'm a 17 year old watch collector who is absolutely just fascinated by anything of or pertaining to horology. Especially the verge fusee. My absolute favorite. No I don't have the fancy repousse cases yet but I will. No oignon yet but they're coming. But first I...
  18. Logan2468

    Any info on a ladies flambeau wrist pocket watch

    I recently purchased a flambeau gold filled ladies wrist/pocket watch. The movement is marked 6 jewels unadjusted. The inside case has a bison an has the numbers B23 0133. I can't find any info on the brand on google anywhere and would like to request any information on this brand.
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