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  1. Charles E. Davis


    I use it all the time and would love to have any corrections that have been found.
  2. Charles E. Davis


    The monumental work that covers this is United States Horological Trademark Index, By Kurtis Meyers Publisher Historymania Greencastle, PA 2004 USBN 14120-1787-4 It was published as on-demand and e-mail sales are It is over 500 pages and covers names used and trademarks by...
  3. Charles E. Davis

    First 6 books in clock repair and building?

    I see you travel between Northern California and Arizona. Sometime schedule your passing through on I-10 to stop in La Verne (Just north of Pomona) some Wednesday evening between 6 and 9 and visit our long running clock class. It recently shifted from Adult School to independent status run by...
  4. Charles E. Davis

    Balance Wheel Escapements in Clocks

    I kept waiting for someone else to reply but here goes. Most collectors are interested in clock with platform escapements rather than the pin pallet alarm clock style. In a similar manner clock repair books tend to reflect this. If you turn to the hobbiest's books you will find a lot more...
  5. Charles E. Davis

    Repairing Quartz Watches by Henry Fried

    I have the second edition which was dated 1988 so is now 23 years old. That makes it ancient history considering the rate of change with electronics. I hesitate to give an opinion since quartz watches have little interest to me but the coverage of the history and contemporary watches of that...
  6. Charles E. Davis

    NAWCC bulletins June roster

    The first square back was October 1974, number 172.
  7. Charles E. Davis

    NAWCC bulletins June roster

    The first June Bulletin without the Roster was in 1977.
  8. Charles E. Davis

    Search by Topic--NAWCC Library

    How do I search for books on a topic? I tried to enter "Japanese Clocks" and I only get a few. I know they have two sections of shelves just devoted to Japanese clocks, because I have examined each of them. Is the problem that quite a few are in Japanese? Would I have to search in Japanese...
  9. Charles E. Davis

    "Lessons in Horology" by Jules & Herman Grossman

    Re: I have a copy that I prize highly. It is actually Volume 1 and only covers an introduction on the principles of cosmograpy and mechanics, The bulk of the book covers the study of motive forces produced by the weights and the barrel spring, the calculations of trains and the theory of...
  10. Charles E. Davis

    S. LaRose Keep Book Catalogs

    In addition to the Keep Books LaRose issued periodic sales catalogs. I never kept them, because they seemed to contain sales type items in addition to featured regular catalog items. They might have contained the Rhythm items. Could you describe what the movements you have? How are they...
  11. Charles E. Davis

    NAWCC book Club

    Would love if for books from Japan. Especially if they could be recommended by our Japanese members. I have been successful in getting some books, but since I can't read Japanese, I have to rely on photos and what machine translations are available on the web. Fortunately they will take credit...
  12. Charles E. Davis

    Good book for learning about chronographs?

    You will probably also be interested in Richard Watkins translation of "Essay on Repeater Watches." It is available along with a lot of other interesting titles on his web page "" Charlie Davis, La Verne, CA
  13. Charles E. Davis

    NAWCC "Library and Research Center" Catalog online

    Let's get on the same page and not debate apples and oranges. Bibliographies and library holdings are two different things. Sam, if you have trouble with the message board approach it directly and not beat around the bush. I have a hard time getting your message. Most of us are much farther...
  14. Charles E. Davis

    Japan-German Connection

    Duck, Thank you for your response. I have a couple of questions. First, I did not recognize (as a non-reader of German) that the listing of the date of 1893 was a reference to a journal on page 270. Where did that come in? I find it strange that Brachrodt’s logo and the Japanese “Compass Clock...
  15. Charles E. Davis

    Japan-German Connection

    Thank our Fortunat for the prompt reply. I always seems that each answer leads to a second question. In i893 what was the "Miniature standing clock in the Japanese style?" By this time the Japanese were already manufacturing enough American style clocks to satisfy their domestic demand and were...
  16. Charles E. Davis

    Japan-German Connection

    I am ecstatic a bout getting Schmid’s Lexkon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980. Now I need to get some German dictionaries so I can make some sense. Maybe Duck can help me out with this entry. On page 15 the entry for N. Rudolf Bachrodt has the date of 1893 only and says it was in Triberg...
  17. Charles E. Davis

    Clock Cleaning & Oiling

    If you are really interested in working on clocks, go for it. Find some local person who shares your interest and work with him or her. Better yet, find a clock class to join. They should have all of the tools, and supplies needed to get you on your way.The most needed repairs are cleaning...
  18. Charles E. Davis

    Bookreview: Lexikon der deutschen uhrenindustrie 1850-1980

    REVIEW: LEXIKON DER DEUTSCHEN UHRENINDUSTRIE 1850-1980 I have been in correspondence with Michael Kopp at the Uhrenindustries Museum about purchasing the Lexikon Der Deutchen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980. Negotiating the transfers of funds has been a chore and a major stumbling block. Especially...
  19. Charles E. Davis

    Introduction to Clock and Watch Work

    My copy is the same reprint as yours. I have to admit that it is not my first choice when I am looking something up! But I am glad that I bought it.
  20. Charles E. Davis

    1960's & 1970's Grobet & William Dixon Catalogs

    I have a copy of Catalog No. 20A. It has a red hard bound cover and the title page indicates that 1968 marks the 100th anniversary of William Dixon. Later it told of William Dixon, Inc., being acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grobet File Co of America, Inc., in 1964. The files shown are...

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