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    Carl Votti

    And such a curiosity, a yearling, but I think it's about extending the power reserve by using a few drive springs . you know something more about him ....
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    GGeorg Wallinger 400 day clock

    I want to show you my last purchase, quite an interesting clock, according to the description it was built in 1885. I know nothing more about the performer himself, he was the parish priest. I see this escapment-(Amant ,Manhardt), for the first time in 400 Days Clocks . It is mainly used in...
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    A.Harder Privilegiums Urkunden nr 11611 und 2591 z 17.08.1880

    Well, I found the original application filed by A Harder on May 13, 1880 in Vienna, but the explanatory drawing differs from the US patent 269052 .
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    In a standard Tourbillon systems, the movement of the escapement wheel is closely related to the movement of the cage. In order to obtain the correct increase in the speed of the escapement wheel, a significant acceleration must be forced on the cage. To make this acceleration, a large...
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    Now about the drive of the gait mechanism. The drum -spring barrel -(z = 82) with the spring drives the intermediate wheel, the toothed wheel (pinion = 10, wheel z = 80) and the pinion pinion (z = 10). The above-mentioned intermediate wheel performs one revolution for 8 hours. One rotation of...
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    After tasting and constructing my "pseudoAtmosa" (https: // ( I started the clock with the tourbilion triaxial. I made the model team after some time and even acted. Some of the colleagues could have watched, for example, at last year's meeting in Lodz. Having...
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    My friend KAROL ROMAN began to be interested in some clocks and after building his own clock he developed several inventions including a pover reserve indicator which can be useful to colleagues in independent constructions. I hope that the photos and benefits will allow you to understand the...
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    Sylvester Jahresuhr

    Hello all. Can you help me find a description of what the escapment in this clock looks like?
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    Gebruder Jung &Comp

    After a a five days of searching I found data on the company's origins, history and production Gebruder Jung &Comp after Aktiengesellschaft für Uhrenfabrikation zu Deuz. The company was created quite early ( 1840 Weidenau ,1864 Deuz) and produced springs and weigts driven clocks...
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    Gustav Becker alarm clock

    Whether it will be the oldest known numbered alarm clock ?Or 446 to SN?Unfortunately, the mechanism is different from the this alarm clock.from when the inscription Gesetzlich Geschuetzt -1875 ?As a rule, the numbers were on the bottom back plate. it is a mystery to me-but it can be a...
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    Help identifying this clock movement

    Recently acquired a strange mechanism, and to this day I have no answer whose patent it, and from which the clock ,maybe mysterieuse?Stamped DOUYON.
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    Self winding clock using change in temperature to wind movement made by Karol Roman

    CLOCK with Torsion pendulum. Self winding clock using change in temperature to wind movement made by Karol Roman-engineer retired. Designed as a prototype of a hobby. Mr. Roman fascinated by clocks torsion invented himself his own clock with complications as a preface to something...
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    Eureka Eureka Clock

    I have not found anywhere "Post your Eureka Clock Here" therefore I intercede here some pics of my last purchase. Eureka Clock two ball bearings ,enamelled shield 1,5V.mising glas dome,running.SN 2501 -1907 ? SN 2501.
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    Unknown Torsion Pendulum Inventor

    I am seeking information of M.Channecey or Holloway torsion pendule six ball presented at the exhibition Londres 1852.
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    Crane clock escapment please Help me

    I have a proposal to buy A Crane Year clock with a damaged escapment. I loked online for a Cranes Torsion clock 12 Month picture 6 ball and could find none.Can someone post one for me to see or send a PM picture of Crane clock Escapment ? Thanks. Jan
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    Harder GW&Cie 400 day clock

    I decided to introduce here my clock. it is Harders front winding wallclock from the time collaboration with GW&Cie See for yourself. In very good condition, was restored 20 years ago. Very interesting pendulum suspension. Willingly deprive your opinions. I think that John Hubby...
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    Brillie Brillie masterclock

    My another Brillie Masterclock.
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    Brillie Brillie electric clocks Leroy Cie

    My new acquisition Brillie .Regulateur type 1597 ,SN 7301. Dating 1910 ? I have never seen C.Vigneux & Brillie ?
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    Bulle Bulle Clock

    Hello everyone ,he wants to show you my latest acquisition - Bulle Clock in wood cabinet.
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    Aron Clock

    He wants to present you my latest purchase a Herman Aron Clock marked an dial Chronos.

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