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  1. darrahg

    Proper Way To Adjust Tight Balance Bridge

    If everything appears correct and the jewels are properly seated under the 'safety' springs, I will shorten the pivots to solve the problem that is described. I will not add tick marks and don't care for shims to raise the cock unless it is for testing purposes. This situation is not uncommon...
  2. darrahg

    Watch Clubs

    I want to believe that the Rockford 'Union Watch Company' watch is a private label and did not belong to any club since the company kept a tight control of their product distribution and pricing. They had their own salesmen and permitted only one distributor per town to sell their watches...
  3. darrahg

    American Watch Advertising

    Here is a watch key similar to those shown in threads #37 and #95 but has the following information: Swivel loop has 9/1874 on one side and Patented on the other. One Side of the key has 'J.H & R.E. Hoffman, Bucyrus, Ohio' while the other side has 'Agent Rockford Watch'.
  4. darrahg

    Rust On Hairspring: Harmful To Leave It?

    You need to check the condition of where you are storing your watches and consider using desiccators. Moisture or a substance used for servicing is most likely the cause . Don't forget touching with bare hands however this is usually slower in reaction. I live in a humid area and have had no...
  5. darrahg

    removing old putty to replace bezel glass

    A heat gun will soften putty.
  6. darrahg

    Collectors and Cracked Jewels (moral not watch repair question)

    I prefer function over originality. A jewel can always be adjusted to fit with minor adjustments except, of course, when a pivot hole needs to be smaller than what is at hand. Appropriate tools are required and choosing a color close to the original is preferred.
  7. darrahg

    Show off your 19J Standard watches... I'll start with a 19j Bunn

    Here is a 16s Waltham, mdl 1888, 19j, hc 14k, pendent set, O'Hara ss dial
  8. darrahg

    What would you do?

    Reads like the movement was swapped out. Contact the person that performed the work and get your original mvt back. Then take it to someone that will work on "your" watch. This is not normal and should never be considered as being part of servicing a watch.
  9. darrahg

    function of this screws??

    You might want to do a search in the American Pocket Watch forum as there are several threads mentioning and discussing the L/P switch. Here is an example:
  10. darrahg

    Two-piece mainspring on Omega pocket watch?

    If you can't find an appropriate spring and the original seems repairable, here is a suggestion: The main problem with working on the inner coil is that the rest of the main spring gets in the way. However, I make clamps out of two pieces of wood and two screws with butterfly wings (nuts) at...
  11. darrahg

    17Jewel Rockford grade 83 Model 8

    My guess is somewhere in the 82 grade but grades 80 through 82 are very confusing. I have a couple of model 8 TT mvts in the 437,xxx and 439,xxx ranges that I consider grade 80. I have been told that some later model 8 nickel mvts. are grade 81. I have nickel mvts in ranges 433,xxx and...
  12. darrahg

    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    I forgot about the shorter coil on the clockette. Sorry. I agree with Peter at approximately 2500 winds. From what I recall, it has been a while, the exact number of winds does not have to be exact. Best wishes on your project.
  13. darrahg

    17Jewel Rockford grade 83 Model 8

    I class grade 83 as 15j nickel and not marked 'adjusted' for what it's worth.
  14. darrahg

    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    About 6500 turns with 42 gauged magnet wire. Here is a link to Peter Smith's document on clock #7446 that shows re-winding in detail.
  15. darrahg

    910 Rockford

    Lee, I am confused. I see a pic of the upper balance jewel with mismatched screws but your text suggests we are talking about the screw the goes through the micrometer spring that is used to adjust the regulator in small increments. Anyhow, yes any related screw that is used in a similar...
  16. darrahg

    910 Rockford

    I understand you are looking for the screw (only) to the micrometer spring. If so, then your best bet might be to look for a model 7, 8, 9 or 10 parts movement containing that part. The spring shape with that screw are the same for models 7 and 9 while those on models 8 and 10 are flipped but...
  17. darrahg

    Keystone Howard bar over crown case question

    Rene, you also have to log into the main site. Click on the Publications item near the top and then click on the Bulletins item. It should prompt you at some point. It might be accessible to members only. Here is another link you should be able to access. It is not the same bow as yours, as...
  18. darrahg

    Keystone Howard bar over crown case question

    I believe that is a Keystone Non-Pull-Out Bow so you don't need to worry about it being 'loose'. There is an ad in the April 1999 Bulletin p201. (Uberall & Singer article in which they discuss Keystone-Howard Standard watches. It shows how you might be able to adjust the bow. Here is a link...
  19. darrahg

    Is this crystal original?

    It also looks like plastic to me. There is a test to ID for plastic but is destructive. You can take a sharp pin and scratch the side. If plastic, it will leave a scratch. You can also heat a needle or pin and touch it on the side. There will be an acrid odor. Of the two, I would do the...
  20. darrahg

    hairspring collet

    There are a few options for solving this problem but the more correct solution would be to replace the collet on to the original hair spring. However, I have a method that will answer your specific question about enlarging the collet opening as I have done this a few times. That is, there is...

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