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  1. David A Ripley

    Grandfather chimes stopped Help Please

    I have a nine tube grandfather clock which I purchased at an auction and had it proffesionally shipped to me. As soon as it arrived I took the movement, pendiulm and wieghts to a local clock repair person and had it serviced. The clock is over 100 years old and wanted the repair person to go...
  2. David A Ripley

    Tall case clock case key

    Not sure if I'm posting this question in the correct catagory. But I'm not sure what to do. I purchased a tall case clock at an auction house. When the clock showed up I realized the case key wasn't included. I took the movement, pendulium and weights to the local clock shop to be cleaned and...
  3. David A Ripley

    My Tall case clock

    I waited for a true tall case clock, over 8 feet. It's 113" tall and a JE Caldwell clock before 1900's. The movement I sent to a clock shop to be looked over. I went to the shop and asked the owner if he had a stand that he could set up the movement on he said he did. So off I was to retreive...
  4. David A Ripley

    Hamilton 14k white gold Hallmark?

    Can anyone tell me what hallmark this is on this Hamilton women's watch? Thanks for all your help:confused:
  5. David A Ripley

    Help removing Ithaca #4 Calendar Clock Movement

    I need some assistance removing an Ithaca #4 Calendar Clock time movement. I removed the screw that as in the top of the movement and don't see another one. I've attached 2 photo's of the movement. One of the movement, you can see the time spring that let loose, and one of the top of the...
  6. David A Ripley

    Durmont, is it desirable?

    I know better than ask prices on this forum. I cannot find this watch in the Complete Guide to Watches. I bid on it and was not the winning bid. I liked the insert dials. The auction house just contacted me and said that the winning bid backed out and if I still wanted it. I can say it's...
  7. David A Ripley

    Ansonia Crystal Regulator?

    Can someone help me identify this Crystal Regulator. Purchased under the assumption that the clock was an Ansonia Crystal Regulator. I cannot find the clock in Tran's book. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. David A Ripley

    Seth Thomas #2 weight cable

    Can someone tell me the correct cable for a Seth Thomas #2 weight cable. The cable on my clock, it's brass, makes a noise when I wind the cable. It didn't do it before but it sounds like it's winding over it's self. It stops and the cable doesn't look like it's unwinding. Thanks for any and all...
  9. David A Ripley

    Can anyone help me id this tall case clock?

    They say it's a New England federal tall case clock with Wilson clockworks face and movement. I know that he was known for dials but not for movements. Any help would be helpful. I don't have photo's of the movement. Thanks
  10. David A Ripley

    Antique Coke clock

    I know there are so many reproductions out there one must be cauious. This one is real. I drove from Texas to Virginia to pick it up. Is there anyone out there that has heard of antique clock whole sellers? This guy says he has one. I've never seen so many Seth Thomas #2's in one location. Wish...
  11. David A Ripley

    How can I tell who made this tall case clock?

    I have to pickup this clock. I'm curious how I tell how made this clock. The movement if it's the orginal.
  12. David A Ripley

    G. B. Gilbert? Can someone help me identify

    The add said G.B. Owens, but Im not sure can anyone help me? Thanks for any and all help trying to identifying this clock.
  13. David A Ripley

    Member Banner missing from posts

    I've had this problem before and you all fixed it. But now it's back. I guess I'm a new be Im starting my second year as a member. My member #0176548. Can you all help me fix this problem? A proud member, David A Ripley:confused:
  14. David A Ripley

    E. Ingraham calendar clock bottom tracing

    I'm looking for a tracing for the bottom of this clock.
  15. David A Ripley

    Please help us with a perplexing dilema

    Our problem started when I bought this clock for my daughter. I was going to have the dials restored at the dial house. When I told her my plans she had a different feelings towards restoring the dials. She thinks the dials should stay as is because of the patina. The top dial has a paper...
  16. David A Ripley

    Looking for someone that repairs veneer

    I have a Ansonia Drop Extra Calendar clock c.1875. It was damaged by the shipping Co. and I need to find someone to either repair or replace the rosewood veneer on the round head. I'm posting a photo of the clock with some of the veneer lifting. I could live with what the photo shows but now...
  17. David A Ripley

    New Haven Monarch?

    I purchased the clock at an online auction. The time dial I feel is a replacement the calendar dial has a coat of varnish on it to keep the dial from flaking any more than it has already. The question is I cannot find the clock in Trans book. I have seen one online but it didn't say it was a...
  18. David A Ripley

    Henry Westrap Pocket Watch

    I purchased a pocket watch at the Mesquite TX NAWCC mart. I told the gentleman that I was looking for a pocket watch produced before 1860. I knew the watch would have to be a key wind key set watch he sold me a watch that had printed on the dial Railway Timekeeper (in red ink) in an arch and...
  19. David A Ripley

    Welch Round Head #4 Lewis Rosewood Calendar Clock

    This is my latest purchase or should I say conquest.
  20. David A Ripley

    Waterbury Calendar Clock Hand

    I'm looking for a Waterbury #44 Calendar clock hand (date hand)

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