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    just got a long case clock

    Hi just got a long case clock would love to know any info about it thanks mike
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    Black Slate Clock Info Please

    Hi my wife has just brought home this clock does anyone have any info such as make age background etc thanks Mike
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    Badische info please

    Hi any info on this clock would be appreciated thanks Mike
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    Is this the right Pendulum? Please

    Hi please can anyone tell me if this is the right pendulum for this clock it seems to me to be Jahresuhren-Fabrik Plate 1439 the same as 2 that I posted earlier but the pendulum is different this one has a disc 85 mm diameter and 15 mm thick the other one has a disc 71mm diameter and 18mm thick...
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    2 more clocks need to identify

    Hi your help in identifying these clocks would be appreciated. I think they may be Jahresuhrenfabrik plate 1439 I would be glad of any info to add to the interest of these clocks. Thanks Mike. ball pendulum clock clock with disc pendulum I'll post photo's soon
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    ebay "win" anybody Know what I won

    Hi my wife spotted it while surfin ebay and bought it any idea what it is sorry about quality of photos it hasn't arrived yet will post better when it does at the moment these are all I have thanks Mike
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    URANIA help

    Hi these torsion clocks are adictive just got another one. Can anyone help me to identify this clock and give me an idea how to adjust the beat etc. ser. no. 141577 and the word URANIA are the only marks I can find.<a href=<a href=
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    Replacing Pallet Pin in Anchor

    Hi I have a kern clock with broken pallet pin I have removed it using alum took a while and needed to be heated to almost boiling point the problem now is I've found some steel wire that fits but is a sliding fit how do I fix it in place :confused: my tools and skill are limited...
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    help with kern 400 day identity / history

    hi I'm a newbie to tortion clocks please help as I've just got this clock and would like to know how old it is and how best to clean and get it working it was already swimming in oil I have wiped some of the excess off and placed the works on a stand I can't see anything with it in the case I...

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