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  1. Vernon

    French click

    My first French clock. Does this set up for the click spring appear normal? I'm referring to the pin that the click spring backs into. The pin may be a replacement but it is solidly attached so I'm not concerned. Also, the suspension is not right as I had to add a shim at the mount and there...
  2. Vernon

    Sherline Sure

    No, all tools were meant for each other. I have (shimmed) a tool clamped into place to do a job however. Don't overthink it, dive in... Vernon
  3. Vernon

    Sherline Sure

    Reversing the jaws on the chuck was necessary if that's what you mean?
  4. Vernon

    seth thomas 124 wont run

    Hey Charles, Did your clock need any bushings? I put in 17 on mine last year! Vernon
  5. Vernon

    Sherline Sure

    Munster, The bore bar size will depend on the size hole that you are starting with. The bar just needs to be able to enter comfortably. Jump to a larger size as the hole size and demands increase. You are only cutting on one side of the hole and moving the cross slide to increase hole size...
  6. Vernon

    Ingraham Cannon Pinion

    I go through that too. Thanks for your explanation and photos. Vernon
  7. Vernon

    Ingraham Cannon Pinion

    Hi Times, Great job. You can't even see the repair! So what was your approach in repairing this pinion? Thanks, Vernon
  8. Vernon

    seth thomas 124 wont run

    Hi Charles, I would first start with making sure that the clock is in beat. There were thin washers on the front lower movement posts (as I recall), make sure that those were put back in place or you could have binding. Vernon
  9. Vernon

    Seth Thomas (Unoriginal)

    It just might. Under Case Construction/Restoration is a sticky on label preservation. Vernon
  10. Vernon

    first time building a grandfather clock

    Hi Chris, Your weights will hook directly to the pulleys that hang from the cables. Not sure if your new movement will come with them. This company Klockit has a variety of weight shells and Timesavers has options for the pendulum assembly. Good luck. Vernon
  11. Vernon

    Help Pendulum clock chimes 15+ times

    The end of the lever just removed (circled) looks like it has quite a bit of wear. This could be part the issue. The pin could have some damage too.
  12. Vernon

    Do I need both bushing systems?

    Like maybe repair a bushing within a bushing that I did a time or two? (full discloser) ;) Teaclocks, I believe in using the smallest size required as well. If I run across some used cutters at a fair price, I may get them just to have. Jimmy/Kinsler: I can make the occasional bushing when...
  13. Vernon

    Do I need both bushing systems?

    What you guys have said makes perfect sense, I wouldn't need the reamers if I'm just replacing the bush itself! I guess that I'll wait then until the need arises. Thanks everyone Sincerely, Vernon
  14. Vernon

    Do I need both bushing systems?

    I use the KWM system and have since I started repairing. For the first time, I encountered the need to replace a few bushings and they happened to be of the KWM persuasion which was very easy to pop out the old worn one and insert the new. I know that it is a matter of time before I'm faced...
  15. Vernon

    Who was Whitney Jocelin Annin & Co.

    Thank you for that information Dick. I wonder if it is safe to assume that other clock glass, especially on kitchen and parlor clocks, were from engravings and weren't signed for whatever reason? I've just never paid much attention. Engraving is a whole different talent for sure. Vernon
  16. Vernon

    Number 25

    Dickstorer I'm inspired by your work and hope to emulate you some day! Great work, please keep posting...
  17. Vernon

    Seth Thomas Corsair Ships Bell Strike...

    I wonder how this got out of adjustment? Just for clarification, we're talking about adjusting the pinwheel that interacts with the hammer tail, is that correct? The star wheel resides on the center shaft and lifts the rack hook. Vernon
  18. Vernon

    Seth Thomas Corsair Ships Bell Strike...

    Hello Mark, If I understand your issue, the clock doesn't strike correctly. When was the last serviced (disassemble, clean, repairs) done because if it might matter as to getting your issue resolved? Vernon
  19. Vernon

    Help with setting up a verge and pallet please

    Agree with Shutt. that there are likely bigger issues. I do see at least a couple of bushings needed. It is a big accomplishment to clean and reassemble a movement and then it works ( albeit, short term). Now you will need to check for and identify wear at the bearing surfaces (pivots and...

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