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    Other movement part Want to buy.

    Looking for English English longcase 30 hour motion works.
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    18thc Liverpool Longcase Clock repair

    Did you find the part you needed? Rick
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    Early 18th Century Finned Pillar Longcase Movement

    Get the set of books. You won't be sorry. Very heavy paper stock, quality binding. Although a fine coffee table book, it's content makes it a shop manual. Through these books I've found that movements are exactly the same only totally different.
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    First tall case - need to mount movement in case

    Could be escape wheel tooth count.
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    Longcase 30 hr tension spring placement

    The pin on the arbor will hit the spring or will it just carry the sling around with it? Thanks
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    Longcase weights

    English, early painted dial.
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    Longcase weights

    My late 18th century 8 day longcase clock has weights 14 pounds each. It runs great with 11 pounds. Should I leave it alone, trade them out or cut them off. Cast iron composition. Thanks
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    Longcase 30 hr tension spring placement

    Where would the tension spring go in this setup? Thanks
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    Google ebook

    While browsing the Internet, I came across a great free downloadable book. Title: clock cleaning and repair. Author: Bernard Edward Jones Copyright 1917 156 pages.
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    Ansonia Strike train - Help!

    Fantastic. Thanks
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    regula 25 music before cuckoo

    Harold, it does have a roof mounted box. I finally figured it out thanks to a post by "Bangster" in 2012. Thanks guys. I
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    regula 25 music before cuckoo

    Knew it well enough to fix the problem. The pull lever on the clock needed a little slack. Figured out the cam gear too. I set the cam at the top of the arc as it held the strike release. Thanks.
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    regula 25 music before cuckoo

    I've fixed many regula 25 movements. This is the first with music. I understand the relationship the music box levers with the clock. Warning wire and pull lever are working properly. This has a separate minute hand tube sliding onto a fixed arbor. With the hour tube over that. Possibly the...
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    regula 25 music before cuckoo

    How would one adjust for music playing 5 minutes before the cuckoo announces. Thanks. Rick

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