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    Incorrect Pendulum

    So I recently got this Seth Thomas Clock as a repair job for a friend. Something tells me this isnt the original pendulum, but I wanted to make sure. If it is the correct pendulum, When I let it run for an hour, it loses at least 20-21 minutes. Any Help is Appreciated!! Thanks!!
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    Howard Miller/Barwick Model 4996

    Well, I don’t know if this is true, but this is supposedly a rare clock. This clock is branded as a howard miller (barwick being a branch of howard miller). I’ve already had some issues that have required me to take the movement out. The chime silence switch had a loose screw causing it to not...
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    Howard Miller/Barwick model 4996 needs a new chime block.

    Hello, So I recently acquired a Howard Miller/Barwick Model 4996. It needs a new set of chime rods because 1-2 are completely out of tune, and it is highly noticeable set on westminster and winchester chimes. Anyone know of anywhere good (other than eBay) to get these chime rods? Thank you in...
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    Revere R-953 chime rods??

    Hello everyone on the forum. I had recently got my hands on a Revere r-953 from the 1950s from ebay for around 75 dollars. it runs well, but when I unboxed it, I noticed the longest chime rod had fallen out of its housing. first question: is it possible to put it back in? if not, where can I...
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    hermle 340-020 running fast with little rotation from balance wheel.

    Alright, so before anyone asks, I have cleaned and oiled this clock, and I have made sure there is no worn bushings. Same with my dad. we both found nothing wrong. However the rotation in the floating balance wheel (since it is dated back to 1985) is still little to almost nothing, and it still...
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    Clock Regulation on slowest setting and still running ahead

    Hello Everyone, Just a fair warning, I am quite new to the forum posts, so I apologize if this isnt the way to really do it. I know this question has been probably asked and it may be confusing in terms if the clock is running too fast or not, so I am going to try to put all of the detail I have...

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