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  1. svenedin

    Omega Seamaster AT Calibre 2500C Bracelet to Strap Swap

    I've just given my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra a change. I had always wanted a coaxial escapement watch for the horological interest and I have had this watch for something over 10 years. This is the calibre 2500C. Watch is 38mm (I have puny wrists!). It is my most accurate watch easily...
  2. svenedin

    ETA 804.192 Quartz - Mondaine Swiss Railways Travel Alarm Pocket Watch

    I have a Mondaine quartz pocket watch that is designed as a travel alarm clock (it has a swing out stand). For a long time I used this as my travel alarm clock as it is very small. Nowadays I use my mobile phone as an alarm clock and this watch got forgotten. I would like to be able to use this...
  3. svenedin

    JW Benson repair/transit box with silver half hunter 1937

    Just a curiosity that may be of interest. A JW Benson silver half-hunter in what I believe to be the transit box from when I was returned for service. London case hallmarks for 1937. Watch is untouched since whenever it had that service. A little corrosion on the movement (from damp I suspect)...
  4. svenedin

    Gillett and Johnston (half-muffling a bell)

    Perhaps a bit off topic even for the Horological Miscellany forum but to me clocks and bells go together like bread and butter. After all, even the word clock comes from the French "cloche" which means bell. I think this might be of some interest as the bells concerned are cast by Gillett and...
  5. svenedin

    Member banner not showing

    Hello. I am a NAWCC member but the banner does not show in my forum posts. I have enabled “show banner” in account preferences. Kevin from membership has suggested I post the problem here.
  6. svenedin

    Invicta open dial 18ct Chronograph Minute Repeater

    Another watch of mine. This one is an 18 ct gold (Helvetia Swiss hallmarks) open dial chronograph minute repeater. The cuvette is also hallmarked 18 ct gold. Chronograph functions on crown pusher, repeating on case pusher. I wonder whether anybody could say who made the movement? Also what do...
  7. svenedin

    Smith and Sons, Clerkenwell, London (circa 1890). Longcase tubular bell. How to improve chimes?

    I was trying to help someone in another thread this morning and I had the hood off my clock. The hood is extremely heavy and so I need help to take it off and it is very rarely is taken off. This got me thinking about a long overdue job to try to sort out the chiming. I am at home recuperating...
  8. svenedin

    Open face "swing-out" case 18ct gold pocket watch 1922. English ALD cased, Swiss movement

    Once again, I am asking our experts for some information. I do hope that these threads are of some interest to other people and I also hope that they can serve as a reference when the movement is identified. This watch is one of my late father's. 18 ct gold Dennison case hallmarked Birmingham...
  9. svenedin

    Bravingtons "Renown" 23 jewels 5 adj 1925

    The second watch today is an open-faced, Sterling silver pocket watch in a coin edged case. Hallmarks for Birmingham 1925 (extremely crisp hallmarks). Movement marked "The Renown" and 23 jewels, 5 adjustments. Rather pretty movement. From my limited research, Bravingtons was a high class...
  10. svenedin

    Zenith Extra Prima 21 Jewels Calibre 68

    I am posting 2 watches today which I hope will be of interest to some people. Both are relatively modern and into the era of higher jewel counts (whether for marketing or accuracy is a matter of debate!). The first is an open-faced silver (0.800) pocket watch by Zenith. This watch is marked...
  11. svenedin

    Images failing to load:iOS devices

    I am having trouble viewing the forums on both my iPhone and my iPad. When I select a picture to zoom in, only part of the picture loads. This happens on both my iPhone and iPad (updated to latest iOS) and regardless of how the devices are connected to the internet (happens on different WiFi...
  12. svenedin

    E Polland, Belfast, centre-seconds hunter, 1893

    I thought I would post another of my pocket watches. This one was regularly used by my father and is in untouched condition since he passed away many years ago. It is a full-hunter in a very heavy 18 carat gold case. I have ascertained so far that the case is hallmarked for Chester, 1893, I8...
  13. svenedin

    Payne and Co London, half-hunter, 1899

    I have had this Sterling silver, half-hunter pocket watch for many years but I have never been able to use it as it is missing the bezel and inner glass. Mr Seth Kennedy is kindly making a bezel for me and also fully overhauling the movement. Whilst stripping down the movement Mr Kennedy has...
  14. svenedin

    New Pocket Watch Cases/Casemaker's

    Does anyone know any person or business/firm who can make a new pocket watch case to order? There are many orphan pocket watch movements around, some of them high-end and interesting. It is shame that these movements sit in drawers. Empty pocket watch cases are a rare find, especially in silver...
  15. svenedin

    Pocket Watch Case Springs

    Does anyone know someone (ideally in the UK) who can replace broken pocket watch case springs (in particular hunter case lift springs). I have several pocket watches with broken springs. In fact, I was working on a half-hunter yesterday. I got the old spring out (which had snapped) and even...
  16. svenedin

    Unusual Swiss Bar Movement (lever)

    I have just bought (cheaply) an unusual Swiss bar movement. Until I receive the item these are the only photos I have. I have never seen anything quite like this (which doesn't mean much as I haven't seen that many movements). It seems to have an unusual lever with a scroll-like tail but the...
  17. svenedin

    How close a match does a mainspring have to be?

    My question relates to what to do if an exact match for a mainspring cannot be obtained. I have a Revue 31 pocket watch movement that should have a mainspring 2.8 high x 0.18 thick x 600 long, barrel 17. Those are the specs from the Generale Ressorts catalogue. Unfortunately the mainspring is...
  18. svenedin

    Revue Pocket Watch Rebirth (Revue 30 15 jewels)

    A friend of mine has been saying for ages that he wants a pocket watch. He bought some Chinese pocket watch in Vietnam that has never run properly since he bought it. He asked me to look at that pocket watch but I politely declined saying I didn't think I could make it better than it was when it...
  19. svenedin

    Infuriated by C-shaped thin wire click spring

    I have been overhauling a stop-watch made by Excelsior Park. It was seized with stuck old oil but not corroded. I stripped the watch down, thoroughly cleaned and reassembled. The watch ran but the mainspring felt very weak (the watch had sat 40 years fully wound) and so I took it apart again and...
  20. svenedin

    Vintage Swiss Stopwatch (JB) with Spares Parts inside (Camerer & Cuss)

    I was searching through some stuff at home and found an old stopwatch. I remember being given this by an old chap when I was a child. Anyway, I had to have a look inside. Seems to be seized and will not run at all. Whatever is supposed to release the balance is not doing so. I may have a go at...

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