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    American PW Waltham model 1883 mvmt needs new wheel with pinion for second hand

    I have a waltham model 1883 movement that needs the wheel that carries the second hand replaced. The difficulty is, I'm not sure the name for it. Would it be the third or fourth wheel?
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    Goliath pocket watch serial numbers?

    I have a Goliath pocket watch made by Brevet, does anyone know where to find serial number info?
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    How long should you run the ultrasonic cleaner?

    How long is a normal run of the ultrasonic cleaner?
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    Short stakes in staking set?

    My staking set has five short stakes, they're about an inch and a half in length. The ends are shaped like pins, and on one or two the tip is shaped like a screwdriver. Does anyone know anything about these little stakes?
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    Herschede Model 808 Mantle Clock

    Is anyone familiar with a herschede Model 808 mantle clock? It has westminster chimes and is built in the napoleon's hat style. I'm trying to get a rough idea of how old the model 808 is. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Waltham "Inspector's Special"

    I've been looking at a pocket watch, the dial says Waltham. The movement is signed "Inspector's Special" and appears to be a modified 1883 movement. Waltham is not engraved on the movement at all. Is anyone familiar with this style?
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    Identifying Seth Thomas?

    Does anyone have tips on how I can identify a Seth THomas movement? It's in a E515-003 clock, and needs a new time train mainspring. I'm probably going to replace both time and strike, however. The time mainspring broke a few days ago. I can measure the existing mainspring, but there is...
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    JW Benson, England watch Questions

    I have a watch, a pin-set movement made by JW Benson that has been recased into an american case. The movement says, "By Special Warrants to HM the Queen and HRH the Prince of Wales", as well as "No. 113812" and "J,W, Benson, 62 & 64, Ludgate Hill, London" It occurs to me that provided the...
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    Ultrasonic cleaner noise?

    I've just got myself a used ultrasonic cleaner, and I find it makes a rather annoying buzzing noise. Does anyone have any recommendations for reducing this noise?
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    Mechanical WW Two different lubricants in the same mainspring barrel on automatic watches?

    I've heard that you have to use two different lubricants in the barrel of automatic watches. The one goes on the walls, the other on the mainspring itself. Why is that done?
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    Hebdomas 8-day pocket watches?

    I was wondering if someone can point me in the direction of information on an 8 day Hebdomas pocket watch I've won on ebay. You can see the auction here: There doesn't appear to be a...
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    Southbend grade 215 movement, railroad grade?

    I've just bought on ebay a 16 size South Bend with a 215 grade movement. I was wondering if this movement is railroad grade. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    Silly Question Regarding mainspring installation.

    I've decided to go with the JA-702 mainspring that I have to hand. Now, it is coiled inside a ring. It is setup such that it would fit inside the mainspring barrel, making it easy to just push the spring home. However, this does not lend itself to the opportunity to wipe the mainspring down...
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    Home-made solutions to use in ultrasonic cleaner?

    Can anyone suggest home made solutions I can use in the ultrasonic cleaner? Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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    Substituting a JA-702 mainspring for a JA-705 mainspring?

    I have a JA-702 mainspring, and a watch on my bench that needs the JA-705. THey are both the same strength, the JA-702 is 2.9mm wide while the JA-705 is 3mm wide. They are both the same length and the same end. Is it okay to substitute the JA-702 I have on hand, or should I order in a JA-705?
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    South Bend grade 215 movement, railroad grade?

    Is the South Bend grade 215 railroad grade? Also, can anyone suggest good book or websites with information about different watch movement calibres?
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    Fusee castings?

    In Practical Clock Repairing, De Carle has a discussion of making a fusee clock. I was wondering if anyone casts fusees any more.
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    Buying oil stone dust?

    Does anyone know where you can get oilstone dust?
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    English PW Crystal Replacement?

    I have an Ingraham wrist watch from the 50s or 60s, looks like an ETA movement(I see the logo under the balance wheel). I would like to replace the crystal with a sapphire one. Can anyone point me to instructions for replacing the crystal? I don't think I've seen it described before.
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    Favourite watch timing machine?

    What is everyone's favourite watch timing machine? I've heard of the microset from the days when I played with clocks, but I'm not familiar with anything else out there.

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